Is this normal or should I intervene?

Anyone who has one is perfectly aware of the cat that (doesn’t) make pasta, or the bread. Often this behavior is associated with purring and there are very specific reasons why it is chosen by the four-legged friend. This is specific body language, but what does it mean if the individual in question never (or very rarely) uses it?

Knowing the communication, especially non-verbal, of the one who is part of the family to all intents and purposes is essential to be able to take care of it in the best way, intervening when the situation requires it.

Especially if it is the first experience, it is advisable to make use of the advice of your trusted veterinarian or an expert ethologist to understand what is normal and what deserves an in-depth investigation.

Because The Cat Makes Pasta

Before understanding what happens to a cat that doesn’t make pasta, it is good to investigate the reasons why it decides to ‘massage’ pillows, blankets and kennels (perhaps accompanying the movement to a typical feline vocalization: the purr).

The meanings are many and, most of the time they indicate one state of well-being, relaxing. In essence, our four-legged friend is saying that he is fine and happy. At this point, however, a clarification is obligatory: those who do not have this habit does not mean that they must necessarily feel bad.

These explanations, in fact, enter the field of the general. Then you have to keep in mind that every four-legged friend has the own personality and expresses the moods as he sees fit. If the feline doesn’t like this practice, but doesn’t even show any discomfort, there’s nothing to worry about.

In any case, for any doubt or uncertainty, it is best to ask the specialist opinion. In fact, he is the only one who has the skills to establish whether or not there is something anomalous that deserves a specific intervention.

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Cat Makes Bread, All The Reasons

newborn cat

Understanding the language of cats doesn’t just serve to remove some curiosity about the mystery that distinguishes it. It’s a way to be able to better ‘read’ his mood and any needs. Furthermore, the real risk is to anthropomorphize feline behavior, identifying even unfounded similarities. In this regard, here are the false myths about cats that are worth debunking once and for all.

Affection And Attachment To The Master

Anyone who believes that Miao is independent and standoffish, that she doesn’t know how to show affection and doesn’t need to receive it is very wrong. Not only do felines love and want to be loved, but they have their own (extremely charming) way. Making the doughfor our little ball of fur, it’s a way of showing affection and communicating a state of well-being.

It is an atavistic attitude, which he learns from the first weeks of life while living with his mother and little brothers. Puppies, in fact, implement this massage to stimulate the production and leakage of milk. That’s why, when they do it again even at an older age, it means they’re fine: they’re reliving an extremely intimate moment. If it is then done on the human father or mother, it is the maximum demonstration of love: it means that there is extreme trust and unconditional love.

The cat who doesn’t make pasta, but finds alternative methods to say I love you, it’s not necessarily sad or depressed. In fact, the stressed cat manifests discomfort and certainly does not appear calm. Speaking of which, you know why the cat doesn’t purr (and you’re sure he only shows it off when he’s feeling good).

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Home Sweet Home

The cat that doesn’t make pasta (but is serene) certainly shouldn’t worry. Not everyone has certain habits. Some, however, put their paws into action to prepare the kennel to optimal rest. Anyone who does it before going to bed is like tucking in the covers. Also in this case, it is a sign of well-being: it indicates that the four-legged friend feels at home. Speaking of which, here’s how to talk to your cat to make him feel protected and safe.

If we notice anxiety and nervousness, perhaps because we have recently arrived in the family, for example, we can prepare one free zone. Getting the cat used to the carrier could be a solution: it doesn’t necessarily have to be just a means of transport, but also a place where he knows that nothing bad could ever happen to him.

Natural Stress Reliever

Be careful not to believe that all that glitters is gold. In fact, a cat that doesn’t make pasta could be hiding some nervousness. This typical feline behavior, in fact, also serves to ease the stress of looking for something that evokes family and relaxation. Sensations that bring you back to when you were small and safe.

It happens especially when there are nuisance elements in the house. Felines indeed are extremely habitual animals, any change or novelty destabilizes them. Just think of a new entry into the house (be it a newborn or another pet) or a move. Speaking of which, here’s how the cat experiences a move (in most cases).

Cat That (Doesn’T) Make Pasta, That’S Normal

cat rests

The cat that doesn’t make pasta (or does) has nothing wrong with it. There is nothing obligatory one way or the other. The important thing is to understand body language and intercept any signals that, associated with these, denote a psychophysical suffering. Furthermore, too much is always a symptom of an anomaly: if we notice obsessive-compulsive behavior or excessive apathy, we speak to the specialist and understand if it is appropriate to submit Miao to a check-up.

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Many People Have Also Asked Us

kitten makes pasta

Being a seemingly atypical behavior, the questions are quite frequent. On the other hand, anyone who loves their four-legged friend wants to see them happy and healthy. The only way to be sure is to know how to interpret non-verbal language.

Does The Cat Make Paste To Mark The Territory?

Well yes: the territory for the cat is a fundamental component. One of the many ways to mark it is this. It happens because it has paws in it glands capable of secreting odors. The latter, of course, remain at the point where the feline makes bread and serve to make possible visitors understand that the area belongs to someone else.

Does The Cat Keep Fit?

There are many reasons why cats (don’t) make pasta. One of these concerns his need to exercise, to move for channel your energies correctly. In short, it is an extremely fascinating animal with peculiarities that amaze every day.

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