Is the collar with a bell for cats, good or bad?

Cat with bell , yes or no? This question has left cat owners undecided for years. There is no commonly accepted answer on the use of the rattle collar on cats, so it is up to the owner. There are advantages and disadvantages to using these accessories.

Bell collars ensure that you always listen to your cat. You will be able to find your cat, no matter how hidden it is. They also prevent cats from sneaking up on prey. Protect wild birds, but prevent cats from hunting mice. However, the sound of a belt collar can drive you crazy and may cause a choking hazard. Only put on a collar if it offers you total security.

Rattlesnake collars are good for cats that hunt wildlife and tend to hide. In this way, the cat will not be able to move without being detected.

Next, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of cats with a bell . First, the question:


Is it necessary to put a collar on my cat?

Not all cats wear collars. In general, this accessory is placed if your cat circulates outside the house. This way, they can identify you and return you if you get lost. A collar makes it easier for a stray cat found by strangers to not be considered ownerless.

In the days of microchips, necklaces were less useful. A vet can connect a stray cat to its owner with a single phone call. These days, a necklace is only useful if you are wearing a bell. This will indicate the presence of a cat, improving safety and making cats easier to find.

The choice of wearing a collar for your cat is up to you. You will know better than anyone what is best for your cat. To help you in your choice, here are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing a rattle collar.

Advantages of rattle necklaces

There are some clear and undeniable advantages to putting a bell collar on a cat. Here I indicate them:

1. Cats with a rattle collar look very handsome

A bell collar can be an eye-catching accessory for any cat. Black cats, for example, can look great with a shiny bell. With this you will achieve that at night a black cat is seen and heard.

2. Some cats enjoy the sound of the bell.

Some cats, especially young ones, love the sound of bells. That is why small toys often have bells. These cats will be delighted that every movement causes a sound.

If your cat shows no interest in toys, this type of collar is unlikely to be of interest to her. Test if this will be the case by playing with your cat first with a collar.

3. Bell collars reveal the whereabouts of your cat

A collar with a bell means that your cat will always be easy to locate. This could be beneficial to both the feline and the owner, for a number of reasons.

Nervous or mischievous cats can be prone to hiding. If you do not control where your cat is, you run the risk of hurting him, he can appear suddenly, get under your feet and get stepped on.

A bell collar eliminates this risk. It also makes it easier to locate a lost cat. A cat hiding in the yard or under a car can be located quickly.

Cats can also sneak and jump on humans and other pets, so you can avoid these surprise attacks. This also prevents a cat from developing undesirable and dominating habits.

4. Necklaces with a bell protect the birds

Perhaps the most important reason to put a rattle collar on a cat is to protect wildlife. Birds, especially, will benefit from this. Cats are responsible for the sharp decline in small animals.

A cat that hunts birds tries to move undetected. Cats will chirp and howl, mimicking birdsong. This disguises the sound of your footfall. The cat then lunges at an unsuspecting bird when it is within reach.

A bell collar will make the birds hear the approaching cat and will fly away before it can get close. This will frustrate the feline but will keep the ecosystem safe.

Cats are cunning, they can learn to move in small steps, avoiding ringing the bell.

Disadvantages of rattle necklaces

A bell collar could also be detrimental to a cat’s quality of life.

1. Some cats hate bell collars

There are felines that prefer to remain silent, undetected while moving. This helps them feel safe. If he seems to be distressed by this type of necklace you should take it off.

This desire for quiet movement is a defense mechanism. They are aware of their own safety and instinctively mask their presence from their predators. Bell necklaces take away that security.

Most cats tolerate them, but there are always exceptions. Cats are more likely to agree to wearing collars if they have done so from infancy. Because cats are reluctant to change, suddenly a collar cannot be fitted.

2. The rattle necklaces are noisy

Remember these necklaces are loud . You may think that this is not a big deal; however, after a while, this noise may become unbearable.

Suppose your cat enjoys the sound of bells, this implies that he has access to a noisy toy whenever he wants. All the cat needs to do is move its head. How will you feel if the bells start to wake you up at three in the evening?

These necklaces can be a headache for a light sleeper. Your cat may decide to play or walk in the middle of the night. With each step, you will hear the noise. This is something to keep in mind if you have children.

Also, not all cats like the sound of bells. They cannot move without making a sound. This will put the cat in a permanent state of anxiety, which will affect its health.

3. Rattlesnake collars frustrate your hunting instinct

The wild birds will be relieved at the same local ornithologists. However, cats have an instinctive need to engage in hunting behavior. By putting on this collar, your cat will be frustrated at the inability to hunt.

Your cat’s hunting instincts must go somewhere. Use a toy to satisfy this need, several times a day. If you don’t, your cat will become frustrated and may have  behavior problems. 

Also, think that if birds can hear the arrival of a cat, rodents can too. You could soon find your home invaded by these unwanted visitors.

4. Bell collars can be dangerous for your cat’s safety

Collars can be a safety risk for cats . First, before placing it, you must take into account the lifestyle of your cat and follow the following warnings:

  • Make sure the collar is not too tight. You should be able to get two fingers underneath. Not too tight that it makes it difficult to breathe, but not so loose that you can take it off.
  • Necklaces can get caught in tree branches and fence posts. If your cat is a wanderer, keep this in mind.
  • Think about whether your cat gets into fights with other animals. If your cat is being bullied by a dominant neighborhood cat, they will always hear it coming. Hostile cats could also hook their claws on a collar during conflict.
  • Try not to let your cat play with the bells. This creates the danger of your claws or teeth getting caught inside the collar.

Consider these pros and cons and decide if a rattle collar is right for your cat. Indoor cats may not need such an accessory, outdoor cats, however, could benefit from increased security. The wild bird population is sure to thank you.


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