Is it true that cats are clean or is it commonplace

It is said that i cats are the animals anymore clean, at least among the companion pets or the most common ones. Let’s start immediately by saying that this is not an urban legend, but it is reality.

Not only are felines extremely attentive to the care of their bodies, but they are also autonomous. In fact, these four-legged friends rarely really need a bath. However, the same cannot be said of dogs, for example.

Also, most of them don’t particularly like water. So it would be really complicated to proceed with the complete grooming on average once a month, as happens for Fido (unless otherwise indicated by the trusted veterinarian).

Are Cats Clean Or Not?

Cats are clean or, better yet, clean themselves. Anyone with previous experience in the feline field knows that this is not an urban legend and, net of some (so to speak) hair that flutters around the house, then it is really difficult for Miao to leave dirt in his path.

Our four-legged friends love to play, eat and rest. When they don’t do this, they pass 10% of your time daily self-cleaning. They do it accurately, from the moment you wake up to the rest of the day (as needed).

Also, there is a precise order and brilliant to follow. First we start from the end of the head, then we move on to the legs to clean the muzzle and, subsequently, the body and tail.

Clean Cats, As They Do

cat cleans itself with its tongue

Strange but true, cats can do it all with your own languagenot surprisingly, in fact, it appears rough to the touch. It is precisely this peculiarity that makes it effective. In this regard, here are 3 reasons why the cat’s tongue is rough.
Furthermore, this very useful tool for our four-legged friends has taste buds that resemble the shape of a hook and are directed towards the inside of the mouth. These are also very useful for thorough cleansing of Miao’s body.

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Indeed, in addition to remove dead hair which remain more or less on the surface, stimulate the release of a natural oil which acts as a waterproof coat and protects it from bad weather. A detail, this, very useful for stray specimens. And speaking of dead hair, here’s what to know about hairballs in cats.

How Often The Cat Should Clean Itself

cat hairballs

What has been said so far is all very efficient and practical. Although our four-legged friend needs a lot of attention and depends entirely on us, there is something he can do independently making our lives much easier.

But, as always, excess hides something wrong. If clean cats are why they lick each other repeatedly it can be a problem. Indeed, if the cat pulls its hair, it may be due to too intense activity. In these cases, therefore, it is important that he is taken to the vet for an accurate check-up. Speaking of which, here’s why cats lick themselves.

The specialist will then tell us if it is an organic, behavioral health problem or if there is nothing to worry about. Our advice is always that, at the first alarm bell, to seek advice from experts on the subject. Let’s not make the mistake of self-diagnosing or underestimating the signals Miao is sending.

Many People Have Also Asked Us

cats lick each other

The behavior of the four-legged friend, very distant from ours, is so fascinating and it is not uncommon for experts or less experts to ask questions about seemingly bizarre habits related to Micio. Here are the most frequently asked questions about clean cats. Giving them an answer will allow us to accompany the life of our furry friend in the best possible way and to avoid dangerous false myths about cats.

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Why Cats Clean Themselves Together

Obviously this is a peculiarity of clean cats who live together and love each other. It is a practice that it’s called allogrooming (as opposed to auto grooming, which stands for self-grooming). In Italian it is defined as social grooming and involves specimens of the same species.

It is a gesture that demonstrates a very strong bond between four-legged friends. Indicate membership in a group, says a lot about the hierarchy of certain relationships. Last but not least, this practice allows you to help each other. In fact, there are areas where a cat struggles to get there on its own, but with the help of a companion everything is simpler.

How To Help Cats Keep Clean?

Another of the frequently asked questions about grooming concerns the role of the owner in this practice. Reiterating that felines are absolutely autonomous as adults, our intervention may be necessary if they are still puppies. In this case we are talking about specimens that have lost their mother prematurely.

In fact, when they are still cared for, the little ones are helped by those who gave them birth, even in cleaning operations. It’s not just about pure altruism, it’s also a way to lead by example and, therefore, teach how to do it.

If the coexistence of mother cat and puppies ends abruptly, we will have to babysit them. The advice is always to get them used to autonomy right away. The best way to do this is to associate grooming with positive life episodes.

In this phase, always with the approval of the specialist, it is good to get our four-legged friend used to the use of the brush. Indeed, it will be an accessory that he will have to deal with for life, if it is a domestic cat.

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A bit like children, and therefore puppies, even the elderly they need support again (and the same goes for felines). The difficulties in movement, the pains do not allow him to be as efficient as he used to be, but the positive aspect is that this moment can be transformed into a cuddle dedicated exclusively to our favorite old man.


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