Is it a good idea to have a feed container?

Are you considering purchasing a feed container? Before doing so, let me tell you about these types of accessories, since although it is a great idea when you have many cats or you are a person who buys large bags taking advantage of the offers, when you have only one furry one it may not be so necessary.

So, we are going to talk about this interesting topic so that you can better decide if you have to buy one, or not for now.

What is a feed container?

As its name indicates, it is a container with or without wheels that is used to conserve animal feed . It is made of hard plastic (usually polypropylene), since it is a very hygienic material that prevents the appearance of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms that could spoil the food of the furry ones. Some containers also have a handle that facilitates transport.

When to buy one?

This type of container is very useful when you have two or more cats , as it helps the feed retain its aroma for longer. And it is that, as much as brands improve the packaging more and more, the reality is that once the sack is opened the food loses its characteristic smell … which is one of the things that cats enjoy the most.

It could also be useful when we go on a trip and we have doubts about whether the food that we have left in the feeder / s will have enough. In this case, it would be enough to leave the container open.

How to choose one?

  • Capacity: there are many types: from 4 to 12kg. Depending on how many animals we have and / or how much food we buy, we will have to choose a smaller or larger one.
  • Easy transport: especially if we buy large bags of feed, it is important that it has wheels and that it can be moved from one place to another easily.
  • Front opening for daily use: so that the aroma of the feed is not lost so quickly.
  • Simple disassembly: to be able to wash it from time to time with ease.
  • Price: this is not that it is determinative, but yes, the higher your price the better quality it will be.


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