Is it a good idea to give Royal Canin to cats?

Who does not know the Royal Canin brand? It is very easy to find their feed for sale in pet stores, as well as veterinary clinics and hospitals. But the fact that it is well known does not necessarily mean that it is of good quality, does it?

The reality is that it is one of the few brands that leads the market, so it is not surprising that it is highly recommended to buy its products and not others. Although to know if they are really good or not, it is important to know it thoroughly

Royal Canin is a brand that was created in 1968, just one year after in 1967 a French veterinarian manufactured the first dog food for the multinational Mars, Incorporated. It had a resounding success, so much so that in 1970 the Spanish subsidiary, Royal Canin Ibérica, was founded and by 2014 they were also present in America.

That same year, it was chosen as one of the 10 best companies to work for in Spain, within the category of 100 to 249 employees, by the Best Work Places ranking prepared by the Great Place to Work consultancy.

Royal Canin’s presence in the world

It is a very popular brand, but for good reason. It sponsors various canine and feline events, as well as charity projects of animal protectors . In addition, they have eleven factories around the world, such as in France, South Africa, the United States, Argentina, Poland and even in China. As if that were not enough, in Japan there is a plant that is a packaging machine.

And if that weren’t enough, it publishes books, encyclopedias and specialized guides on favorite domestic animals (dogs and cats).

What products do you sell for cats?

Here we show you the products that sell the most for the furry:

Is it as good a brand as it sounds?

Looking at the most popular flavors and knowing their main ingredients, it’s time to wonder if Royal Canin is a good brand for cats. And for that, you have to ask yourself another question: what do cats eat?

Although it is difficult to imagine, the Felis catus who lives with us, who looks at us with that sweet little face when he wants to cuddle, carries feline blood. And these animals are predators. That term, predator, is associated with another: carnivore .

No predator is vegetarian. Yes it can be omnivorous, as we humans are, but you will never see an animal that hunts eating only vegetables. But in the case of the cat, we are talking about a furry that is a strict carnivore: it only eats meat. The only plants they can consume are those that have eaten their prey, or those that need to purge themselves.

In addition, it must be taken into account that they do not have the necessary digestive enzymes to be able to digest cereals . And if they are given a feed rich in these ingredients, the normal thing is that they end up having health problems, such as cystitis, gallstones or kidney stones, etc.

Taking all this into account, it is highly, highly recommended to always read the ingredient label , as it is the only way to ensure that you are giving your friend a quality meal.

Are there alternatives to Royal Canin?

Of course yes . More and more companies are opting to feed them with biologically appropriate ingredients for cats, including the following:

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