International Cat Day: what date?  What's the point ?

International Cat Day: what date? What’s the point ?

Every year, an international day honors the cat. The event aims in particular to to raise awareness the public on the benefits provided by the animal and the steps to be taken to take care of it and protect. Details.

International Cat Day: August 8

International Cat Day is held annually on August 8. This celebration was launched in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) for the care and protection of rights felines. Many countries have cultivated the idea on their own scale and added to this global event a day national Of the cat. For example, it is scheduled for February 17 in Italy and Poland, February 22 in Japan, February 1er March in Russia and on October 29 in UNITED STATES.

International Fund For Animal Welfare: What Is It?

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) was established in Canada in 1969 by Welsh-born activist Brian Davies. That same year marked the organization’s first major action: putting an end to the commercial hunt for baby seals (whitecoats) on the Canadian coast. Present in more than forty countries IFAW is a global non-profit organization dedicated to saving, cure and release the animals but also to restore and protect their habitats natural.

What Is International Cat Day All About?

Initially, International Cat Day was initiated by IFAW with the aim of encouraging feline owners and enthusiasts to celebrate and to take care. On this occasion, organizations for the protection and reception of cats are encouraged to set up actions promoting the adoption of cats. Since the rise of the internet, cat fans have taken advantage of this special day to spread videos or photos on social networks.

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August 8: First An Information Day

On International Cat Day, organizers implement initiatives consisting of inform the general public of benefits provided daily by cats. On this occasion, it is generally reminded that:

  • The cat has been a revered animal since Antiquity. The major place that the feline occupies with man has lasted for millennia! Ally Egyptians for its ability to hunt rats, mice, field mice, birds and snakes, the feline quickly became their favorite pet because despite its wild temperament, it turned out to be gentle and quiet. By ridding cultures of certain harmful cats symbolized protection and were therefore considered gods;
  • Chat is a 100% natural relaxant. Protector of agriculture in ancient Egypt and not only… The feline would be beneficial to our brain and our heart. Several studies have looked into the impact positive both physical and emotional that cats provide on humans. It has thus been observed that after only ten minutes of petting a pet, the rate of cortisol (hormone associated with stress) decreased considerably. According to some experts, the low frequencies emitted by the purring of the cat act like a medication helping to reduce anxiety levels and blood pressure.

August 8: An International Day Of Action

In addition to highlighting the benefits brought by the presence of a cat at his side, the annual event is also a privileged moment for:

  • Encourage their adoption within the many SPA refuges and other associations. Summer is the period always corresponding to a rise abandonment of cats and especially kittens. If animal protection structures act on a daily basis, August 8 helps to highlight the phenomenon and raise public awareness of their cause. As a reminder, the abandonment of a pet is an offense punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros;
  • Remember the importance of sterilization. Namely that a couple of cats can lead to the birth of 20,000 kittens in four years, i.e. a proliferation of small felines that can grow up in poor conditions, even die lack of care and food. On the occasion of the international day, animal protection organizations insist on the fact that sterilizing your cat helps to break the cycle of abandonment animals ;
  • Share information on their protection and welfare. As International Cat Day takes place in the summer, it may coincide with an episode of heat wave to which animals are particularly sensitive. Internet sites and blogs can thus offer advice on the means of helping felines to fight against the heat, but also exchange tips and know-how on health of the cat, its hygiene, its food or its distractions.
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International Day Of Tenderness And Humor

For those who do not have the possibility of having a cat at home, Internet offers them this happiness by broadcasting a multitude of images and sequences showing their pretty faces and some funny mischief. International Cat Day gives cat owners the opportunity to post their photos on social networks, while Lolcats (videos or animations) have largely invaded the web in recent years. According to a study by Indiana University of 7,000 people, these videos highly prized would tend to reduce theanxiety and to give punch to the spectator by putting him in a better mood!

The Black Cat Also Has Its International Day

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA: first animal welfare organization founded in the world) has declared International Black Cat Day on August 17. You should know that since antiquity, the black cat embodied the devil and vsThis belief persisted in the Middle Ages, when the ebony-haired feline was associated with the witchcraft. The fear of witches has disappeared but received ideas have a hard tooth. Thus, the black cat is more often abandoned and remains Longer in shelters than its light-haired counterparts. The international day set up on August 17 by the RSPCA aims to convey an essential message: there is no reason rational not to adopt a black cat.

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