Hyperesthesia in cats: what is it?

Feline hyperesthesia, known as Nervous Cat Syndrome , is a condition that many cats have. Although it does not put your life in danger, the quality of it can decrease considerably.

Let’s know what hyperesthesia is in cats,  what its causes are and, most importantly, how to treat it.

What is hyperesthesia?

The word hyperesthesia means “abnormal increase in skin sensitivity.” It is a condition in which the skin on the cat’s back curls from the shoulders to the tail. Sometimes it is not seen with the naked eye, and at other times it is not seen at all if it is not with the help of a vet, but you will know if he has it if he suddenly starts running as if something has scared or chased him, and if he licks or bites the area very insistently .

Another thing you could do is start looking for things that are not really there , having your pupils dilated during these episodes. In severe cases, it can be hurt, biting, and removing hair.

What are your causes?

The main causes are:

How is it treated?


Initial treatment consists of reducing the  cat’s stress level . To do this, you have to dedicate every day to playing with him, to giving him affection (without overwhelming him), in short, to keeping him company. But, in addition, it is highly recommended to give him a quality meal, which contains high levels of animal protein.

If despite this, the cat still does not improve, then it could be chosen to treat it with antidepressants, anticonvulsants or with medications to stop the obsessive behavior.



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