How to wash the cat’s glued eyes

How to wash the cat’s glued eyes? Mostly the problems they have in the eyes tend to end up being an infection and it is advisable to take them to the vet in order to avoid greater ills or to prescribe drops indicated for each type of problem. In the case of small kittens, special care must be taken so that they do not get stuck, since they are at an age when they must get used to the vision.

Next I will explain when and how to clean them, and much, much more to properly take care of the eyes of your four-legged friends.

How to remove blemishes from a cat’s eyes?

To wash those glued eyes, especially secretions and known to humans as legañas, it is recommended to do it very tactfully as follows, take a cloth soaked in warm water and clean the eye very delicately, rinse the cloth as many times as necessary until it is completely free of secretions. If you see that the scabs or secretions are very sticky , you can apply warm water compresses to facilitate them to soften and thus remove them better, in addition these warm compresses calm the irritation that the cat may feel.

This cleaning must be done twice a day, morning and night. If, on the contrary, after a few days we see that the anomaly has not been solved, it is time to go to the vet because it could be conjunctivitis or any other eye disease and you need special drops or even a specific antibiotic that the vet has to indicate.

However, in litters of kittens you have to be very careful because all eye diseases are contagious . Good hygiene will facilitate the proper growth of these without any problems, especially in the eyes, the most vulnerable area when they are so small because any substance or microorganism can affect them.

On the other hand, the mother has to always be very clean , because the kittens when feeding are very attached to her and any dirt can make them get an infection.

How to clean the cat’s eyes with chamomile?

Chamomile is a plant that has many medicinal properties, being the best known as an anti-inflammatory and as an antiseptic, hence it is used as a remedy for eye problems, such as conjunctivitis. Also, it is harmless to the cat.

Therefore, if one day you see that you have legañas, all you have to do is prepare an infusion of chamomile (either in a bag or with a tablespoon of flowers in 1 cup of water), bring the water to a boil and then let it cool a little . It has to be warm, at about 37ºC. Then, you just have to take a clean gauze, moisten it in the infusion, and then remove the legañas .

Important: use gauze for each eye. It may be the case that one is healthier than the other, but of course, when using the same for both, the disease that the diseased eye may have passes to the one that is healthier. And that’s just what to avoid at all costs.

How to clean cat eyes with serum?

If you prefer to use it before chamomile, you can also do it without problem. It is nothing more than 0.9% sodium chloride in water, and is often referred to as normal saline. It is very useful for both humans and cats.

The way to proceed is simply by soaking the gauze well – remember to use a new one for each eye – and remove the blemishes .

How to clean the eyes of a baby cat?

When the kitten is a baby, the best way to clean them is by wrapping it with a towel or blanket , holding its head gently but firmly, and then passing the gauze moistened in chamomile or serum over its little eyes.

What to do if my cat has one eye closed and it cries?


It does not have to be anything serious, but it is important to know the possible causes:


  • Dust
  • Shampoo
  • Pollen
  • Splinters or some foreign object
  • Toxic product


As there are various causes, the first thing to do is take him to the vet, because if for example what happens is that he has a foreign object, he can remove it with special tweezers or by putting an ointment or eye drops.

In the event that he is allergic to pollen and / or dust, he will give you some indications so that he is better; as well as you may be given a vaccine to relieve your symptoms.

And if what has happened is that you have dropped drops of shampoo or a toxic product, you will be given medication that will help you clean the eye and relieve any discomfort you may be feeling. Only in really serious cases, in which the eyeball has been badly damaged, will he choose to remove it.

Why does my cat have a bad eye?


There are several diseases that can affect cats, such as:


It is caused by abnormal pressure in the eye , due to the accumulation of fluid inside the eyeball. The process takes a few days to several weeks, and if left untreated it could get so bad that you end up needing to have your eye removed. More information here .


It is a bacterial disease that causes inflammation and redness of the eye . Young kittens from 5 to 9 months are especially vulnerable, as well as those who live under stress and / or on the street.

It is treated with antibiotics, and keeping animals correctly vaccinated and in clean and safe areas.

Conjunctivitis in cats

It is the redness and inflammation of the conjunctiva membrane , which is accompanied by watery and clear or purulent secretions and a lot of itching. Thus, the cat scratches frequently, which can cause injuries. The treatment will consist of putting a few drops of the eye drops that your vet will recommend.

More information here .


It is the inflammation of the cornea . The most common symptoms are discharge (legañas) and eyelid inflammation. The animal is in pain and may be manipulating the eye almost constantly. It should be seen by a vet as soon as possible.


It is the inflammation of the internal structure of the eye . It is a problem almost always caused by a major one, such as feline leukemia, peritonitis or the feline immunodeficiency virus, among others.

It presents with redness, hypersensitivity to light, changes in the shape and size of the pupil, excessive tearing. If left untreated, it can lead to blindness. You have more information here .


It is a point on the lens of the eye that limits the passage of light to the retina . When we talk about cats, they are almost always caused by infections or injuries, as well as diabetes.

It does not cause pain, but it does cause some discomfort due to not being able to see clearly. Treatment consists of eye drops, or surgery when both eyes are affected. You will find more information here .


As you can see, the fact that a cat has glued eyes can be due to multiple causes, so I hope this article has been useful 🙂.



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