How to treat cystitis in cats

Cystitis is a very common disease in cats, especially those that eat only dry feed and / or live in tense family environments. So that the furry can continue to lead a completely normal life, it is necessary, therefore, to make some changes both at home and in its diet, since if we give it veterinary treatment but do nothing else, the treatment will not be as effective as should.

So how do you treat cystitis in cats? 

What is cystitis?

Cystitis is a disease that causes inflammation of the urinary bladder . It can be caused by multiple causes: stress, cancer, infection, obesity, but in any case, the consequences are the same. A cat that suffers from it is going to be a furry cat that will feel pain when urinating, that will lick the genital area more than normal, and that will urinate out of its tray. In addition, it is also very common to urinate many times but in small amounts.

When our furry shows these symptoms, it is important that we take him to the vet with a urine sample as fresh as possible so that he can confirm the diagnosis and begin treatment.

How is it treated?

To treat the disease, you have to act on several fronts:

  • Pharmacological treatment: the professional may recommend treating it with anti-inflammatories for about 7 or 10 days, analgesics for 10 days and a relaxant for smooth muscles for 10 days.
  • Home treatment: if we have a feline that has been diagnosed with cystitis, we will have to make sure that, first, it is a happy animal (not stressed), and that we are giving it a quality diet (without cereals). If this is not the case, it will be very important to make these changes: start giving him a meal, preferably wet, containing only meat and a low percentage of vegetables, and dedicate as much time as possible to make him feel calmer.




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