How to train a kitten

The kitties. Those little balls of hair (or hairless, if it is one that does not have, like the Sphynx) that with just a glance awaken our protective instinct. His character is that of a puppy: since everything is new to him, he needs to investigate and explore every corner of the home , again and again.

From 2 months of age to about a year, he loves to do mischief under the eyes of his caregiver; so sometimes it is not easy to control. So how do you train a kitten?

The furry ones are… tremendous 🙂. They run from here to there, they climb on top of the table, the sofa,… well, wherever they can. They can drop things (“unintentionally” to get your attention), scratch where they shouldn’t … I said: for a few months the home can be in chaos. But everything has a solution. In fact, you just have to be very patient and set limits, just like a father would with his son. You have to be firm but not violent , otherwise we would end up getting a fearful cat.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it is difficult for a cat to stop climbing on the table or bed when it was given permission to do so before. It’s not impossible 🙂, but we can save a lot of time if we don’t let him do it right from the start .

As for the game sessions, these will have to be daily. Every day we will play with him for at least 30-40 minutes (divided into 3 to 4 sessions of 10 minutes), always putting a toy (a stuffed animal, a rope, a box) between our hands and him so that he learns that our body does not it can be scratched or bitten. Thus, we will ensure that you are calmer and arrive at night tired, wanting to sleep (and not walking around the house 🙂).

Raising a kitten takes time and requires a great deal of patience, but in the end the work pays off .


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