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Cats use their nails for everything: to mark their territory, to hunt, to play … They are a fundamental part of the body of a feline, but of course, they can harm us. It is true that when they are puppies they do not do much, but you have to think that they will grow, and when they do, then we could have problems .

How to avoid it? Very easy: not let him use his nails with us Read on to learn how to teach my cat not to scratch.

As we said, these furry ones use their nails to and with everything. For this reason, it is very important that, from the first day you move in with us, we teach you that there are a number of things you cannot do, such as scratching. These animals can sometimes use their nails with others of their kind, and nothing happens because they have a much thicker coat of hair than that of humans . In fact, everyone knows that more than hair, what we have is hair that cannot absolutely protect against cat scratches.

So what do we have to do so that it doesn’t scratch us? To begin with, we should not play this way:

If we do this, and also move our hand from one side to the other, what we will achieve is that the cat learns precisely to attack and bite us. Our body – no part of it – is a toy, so we must always have a cat toy (a rope for example) that is in the middle of the two. The animal must play with its toy , and have fun with the human who takes care of it, who must also have fun with it.

The games don’t have to be “violent” or “rough”, but rather “soft.” If your cat intends to scratch you, immediately stop the game and start doing other things. Little by little he will learn that he cannot scratch humans.



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