How to teach a cat to use the toilet

How to teach a cat to use the toilet

Can you imagine not having to remove your cat’s stool anymore? It will be possible if you learn to use the toilet. Teach your cat to use the toilet and say goodbye to buying litter to assemble the litter tray or the granules that end up scattered around your home.

You can use the guidelines that we are going to provide you in this post or use the training kits that are sold in pet stores and that are supervised by veterinarians and ethologists.

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How to transform your obsession with burying bowel movements

The main resistance that you have to overcome to favor the behavior change in your feline is to provide another way of camouflage for the bad smell of its stools. This is why they are buried in the litter tray .

Precisely, the toilet water comes to respond to this scrupulous taste for the hygiene of cats. To promote this transition in the cat’s thinking there are different methods. In fact, you will find several books about it.

“How to toilet train your cat” by Paul Kunkel, promises results in just 21 days. Another manual, in this case, entitled “Toilet train yor cat, plain and simple” by Clifford Brooks, equates this learning with the removal of the diaper in babies .

It is a complex process, lasting around 3 weeks , in which patience, positive reinforcement , some occasional accidents and no reprimands have to be combined . Any misstep can derail your achievements.

Teach your cat to use the toilet thanks to the kits

There are different training kits that simplify the process and have been supervised by veterinarians and experts in feline behavior. Whether you decide on one of these kits or if you do not have to put into practice the guidelines that follow:

  • You have to be able to familiarize your cat with the routineof eliminating in the bathroom. To do this, you will relocate your tray in this room of the house.
  • After several days and depending on their response, you should continue advancing one more step,gradually resembling the height of their tray with that of the toilet. Use boxes, books or whatever you have on hand to raise your sandbox without affecting its stability, since any fall could disrupt the process.
  • The next level of demand leads us to place ourselves on the toilet. He uses a cardboard with some sand and a small hole in the middle as a new location to relieve himself. You can help yourself with a basin to collect the waste.
  • After several days proceeding in this way, you should enlarge the hole, lighten the sand and begin to dispense with the basin. You will be very close to reaching your goal.
  • In the fifth and final step, there ishardly any cardboard or sand and the cat performs its needs in the toilet with total ease.

The substantial difference with respect to the use of a training kit is that the process will be easier for you because you will not need to make your own portable litter box for the toilet.

You just have to unmold the rings as the days go by and your pet adapts to the new situation to face new challenges until reaching the last stage.

Tips to teach your cat to be one more in the toilet

If you are convinced that you want to put it into practice because it is the most hygienic and economical for you, you should keep several tips in mind:

  1. You will have to arm yourself with patience, since there are no standardized deadlines to get your cat to use the toilet naturally.
  2. At the same time, you must be very cautious with falls or scares, since your kitten could associate these events with fear and it could be difficult for him to resume it.
  3. In line with the above, lean on the power of positive reinforcement to consolidate the achievements made. Never yell at or scold himif he hasn’t adjusted as expected. Once again, you could propitiate the destruction of the won.
  4. If you have doubts or need advice because you feel that you have stalled, go to your veterinarian or ask for help from an ethologist.

No one said it was easy but it is worth a try. Teach your cat to use the toilet and forget about the hassle of removing the stool daily or the litter every week. Have you already decided how you will spend that time together?


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