How to take care of your pregnant cat?

If your cat is expecting babies, you should know that she will need some specific care. However, these are often not easy to determine. While waiting for the birth of the litter, you are surely asking yourself questions about the right actions to adopt in order to help your feline. Here, we offer you just a few tips to get there.

Feeding my pregnant

Good care necessarily begins with good nutrition. The rule does not suffer from the exception in cats. So think about increasing the ration of your feline. Keep in mind that there is a good chance your cat will not give birth to a single pup. It can be a litter of four to eight kittens, and the kittens develop quite quickly in their mother’s womb. So she will need more food. You should always pay attention to its diet, but especially during the cat’s hot periods and during gestation.

During the first weeks, choose foods that will promote good development of the kittens. However, do not go abruptly, as your cat is an adult and could easily reject this food. So make sure to integrate this diet gradually. The cat’s diet is a topic not to be taken lightly.

You should also be very careful not to overeat her. To do this, feed him reasonable amounts of food several times a day instead of two gargantuan meals in one day. In reality, you have to remember that it is his nutrient needs that are growing, not his stomach. Always accompany meals with plenty of water. Note that this type of diet should not only cover the gestation period but extend continuously until the litter is weaned. Indeed, it will be useful for breastfeeding which may reduce its mobility. The gestation of the cat: a period of intense life.

Visit to the vet

Right after the first symptoms of gestation appear or within two weeks, take a trip to the vet. He will ensure the state of health of your feline and its unborn kittens. If you want to know the exact number of these, you can request an ultrasound. Doing this will help you gauge how much food your cat needs. Also, take the opportunity to have her vaccinated so that she transmits the antibodies essential to the protection of her kittens.

How to support him during the weeks of gestation?

Throughout her gestation, your cat could be prone to sudden changes in mood. The most common behavior, however, will be seeking affection. So don’t hesitate to cover her with love without overdoing it. You can stroke her once in a while, being careful not to push too hard. By the way, you can still take her on your lap, but do it with all the delicacy possible and avoid her stomach as much as possible.

Pregnant cats tend not to move around too much. Very often, they choose a place they like. If this is also the case for your feline, you can make sure to increase the comfort of this place if you have the possibility. However, this laudable move might not be to his liking and cause him to move to another location. Do not be surprised. After all, she knows better than you do what pleases her.

If you want to support your cat effectively, you must also be able to detect the signs that indicate that she is about to give birth. So, a loss of appetite followed by a strong propensity to drink more and more water should put you on the spot.

You may also see her lying down or give the impression of having difficulty breathing. The real warning signal is when she sets out in search of a quiet, spacious, and sheltered from everything. When that happens, don’t bother him. Just be patient in keeping an eye on her from a distance. You will be able to contact the vet very quickly if you notice any anomaly.

Once the mother has given birth, don’t think about approaching her kittens right away. They are weak and cannot even open their eyes yet. You might be surprised at her maternal instinct, which would provoke a hostile reflex in her towards you. Instead, make sure you provide all the comfort she needs to take care of her kittens.



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