How to take care of kittens

Perhaps you have ever found a few kittens in a box or, worse, in a garbage bag tucked away. Unfortunately it is something that still happens too often. Females are not neutered or spayed, but very few people want to take care of the young. Thus, the only thing that is being achieved is that there are more and more animals living in the streets ; in a place where there are many dangers.

Very few are lucky enough to be found by someone who will care for them. If you have been one of those people, I will explain how to take care of kittens .

The first thing to do is make sure they are in good health, so it is advisable to take them to a vet for examination. Often these kittens have intestinal parasites which if not eliminated in time can harm the animal, or even end its life. In addition, with this visit you will know their approximate age. Then, whether you plan to keep them or you prefer to find a home for them, it will be time to take them home to give them heat and food.

If they are one month old or less, you will have to give them kitten milk in a bottle (or syringe), every 3-4 hours. From the month on, you can start giving them wet feed or chicken broth. When they are two months old, they can start eating dry feed , first moistened with water and later without.


Screaming and crying at night

If the kittens start screaming or crying at night, try to stay calm . Keep in mind that until recently they were with their mother, and it is very possible that they will miss her. To calm them down, I recommend that you get a watch and wrap it with a cloth; thus they will think that they feel the heart of their mother, and they will calm down.

It is also important that you speak to them with a soft tone of voice , so that in this way they quickly gain confidence and allow themselves to be held in your arms for longer.

Much encouragement, and patience. You’ll see how sooner than you think they get used to you 🙂.



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