How to take care of flat cats

The cats chatos are characterized by very small nose, and also to have it close to the eyes. For this reason, they need special care so that they always have their beautiful eyes and their fur always clean, without any mischief or dirt. But, what are those attentions that we have to give them?

If you have just acquired a short hairy, I am going to give you a series of  tips so that neither you nor your new friend have to worry about anything.

Flat cat feeder

Cats that have a short muzzle cannot drink or eat from conventional feeders / waterers, as they would end up getting dirty and could even have a lot of difficulty feeding properly. What they need are flat containers, without rim, and if possible made with a resistant material , such as ceramic, so that there is no possibility that the contents end up on the ground.

Eye cleaning

The eyes are a fundamental part of cats, and they need to be always clean. If they are flat, this task will fall with more intensity if it fits in us. So, once a day and with a gauze moistened in warm water, we will remove any blemishes and dirt that they may have. To prevent problems, we can from time to time clean them with chamomile.

Brush the hair

We also have to brush their hair daily. If they have long hair or are shedding it, we will do it about two or three times a day; and if they are short or not moving, one or two a day will suffice. To do this, we will use a rigid bristle brush , thanks to which we can easily remove dead hair, leaving only healthy hair.


Taking care of flat cats takes time, but the love you receive in return is amazing. And you, how do you take care of your furry? 🙂


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