How to take care of a cat that just had kittens

Generally, a cat who has just become a mother will be a wonderful parent to her little ones. It is a real joy to see her taking care of the kittens, keeping them clean, well fed and protected from the cold. But who would be able not to help his furry? I certainly couldn’t let her do all the work alone, and neither could you, right?

Therefore, you may be wondering how to care for a cat that has just had kittens. What can a human do for his feline, and her puppies? Fortunately, a lot.

During pregnancy

The cat has a pregnancy of about 65 days or so (at least it should last 64, and at most 67). During that time you will need a series of care so that everything goes smoothly, starting with food. As soon as we know that she is expecting kittens, we have to change her diet and start giving her a feed for kittens and lactating cats , since they contain a higher concentration of nutrients that will be very necessary for lactation.

But, in addition, we have to make sure that you are living in a safe and quiet home , without noise or shocks. If we want everything to go well, calm, patience and respect will be our best allies. Also, we have to let her decide where she wants to make her nest, and not change it unless she is in a dangerous area (such as the kitchen or the laundry room).

During the delivery

As far as possible, we will not intervene. We just have to check that it expels a placenta for each kitten born, and that the little one moves after birth . In the event that this is not the case, we will take it and do as if we wanted to clean it well, conscientiously, with a cloth, rubbing the back. It is also very important to blow air into the lungs, which would be word of mouth. Sometimes this is the only measure capable of helping the kitten to live.

If a placenta is missing or if the cat looks very weak and we suspect that she has a kitten still inside, we must consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

After birth

The cat instinctively knows how to take care of her young. But if it is a first time problems may arise, such as a kitten not eating too much or that the mother has rejected it. If this is what has happened to us, we can take care of it by following this guide . In addition, we will have to know what has happened, since the furry may suffer from mastitis, which is the inflammation of the mammary gland, which will require veterinary attention.

On the other hand, you have to look at the cat’s vaginal discharge . In the first 10 days, it is normal to pass discharge with a little dark blood; but if after that time it continues to do so and / or begins to have a foul odor, you have to go to the vet as it could be an infection.



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