How to stop and avoid fights between cats

Keeping the peace in a multi-cat household is not always easy. Hissing, biting, and scratching can be just as difficult for owners as they are for cats. Fortunately, there are ways to stop cat fighting before it starts .


Why do cats fight?

The first step in knowing how to stop a cat fight is understanding why the fight is starting . In the wild, cats generally have good relationships with their cat family, but once grown they tend to be more solitary creatures.

If another cat crosses into what they consider their territory, there will surely be a stalemate. This applies in the home as well. Many fights begin with a cat protecting what he considers his own, be it an area, a toy or a human being.

The signs that cats are not getting along can be obvious ; all you have to do is listen to the hiss. But other times, the aggression can be more subtle.

You may notice that one cat leaves a room when the other enters. Or a more submissive cat may try to hide or disappear to avoid a confrontation when the more dominant cat approaches. Cats have different personalities. And sometimes those personalities just don’t mix.

How to stop a cat fight

When a cat fight starts , your first instinct may be to yell, clap, or pull out a squirt gun. But this could make things worse.

Instead, to stop a cat fight, you must take a breath and relax , then insert an object such as a large piece of cardboard between the cats. This will create a smooth but impenetrable barrier between the two cats that are fighting.

How to stop a cat fight if you are together?

If the cats are locked together, lift one by the scruff, forcing him to release the other cat. Then keep the cats apart for a while to calm down.

Every time the cats have a fight, the relationship worsens . In addition to the fact that the longer a cat fight has lasted, the more difficult it will be to correct the relationship between them.


My cats fight, how can I make them reconcile?

Trying to repair a bad relationship between cats takes time, space, and a lot of patience. The following tips may also be helpful when introducing a new cat into the home.

Steps for two cats to reconcile:

Start putting cats in separate areas with their own cat food,  drinking fountains, sandpit and play area. Make sure to spend time with each cat in their respective areas.

Then slowly reintroduce (or in the case of a new cat, present) the two cats. The exact time when to start this process will vary from case to case, depending on the severity of the relationship problems.

The first step is to allow the cats to share the scents. Feed cats at the same time on opposite sides of a door, for example. This allows them to associate each other’s scent with something pleasant, like cat treats or their favorite wet food .

Continue the aroma exchange by mixing the used sand. You can also take a cloth, wipe the legs and tail of one cat, and let the other cat smell it. It is recommended to change the cat’s spaces so that they can get a full dose of each other’s scent.

After that, it’s time for a face-to-face meeting. Place the jacks on opposite sides of a screen or curtain. This allows them to see and smell each other, but there is still a protective barrier between them.

Once they get to the point where they can see each other without trying to start a war, you can remove the barrier entirely. You will likely have better results if a friend or family member helps you with this step.

Bring the cats into the same room and give them tons of attention and praise in the presence of the other cat and vice versa. Over time, this condition allows cats to begin to associate their former enemy with positive experiences rather than fear, domination, or pain.


Get a good relationship between two cats that used to fight

To avoid future disputes , make sure each cat has its own cat food and water container , a play space, and a litter box for each cat.

Cats like heights , so you should provide each cat his own cat tree where he knows he can get away from the other if necessary.

Pheromone dispensers of catnip can also help relax anxious cats.

Your vet may also recommend anti-anxiety medications to help preserve the peace between two fighting cats.

Remember: some cats never get along. But hopefully you can get to the point where they at least tolerate each other. They may not like each other, but at least they can live together and not cause problems.



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