How to stimulate my cat’s appetite? II

Yesterday we talked a little about the causes of our little animal’s lack of appetite . On many occasions, these may not necessarily be due to diseases or parasites, but simply to the boredom that the animal feels for always eating the same thing. Although you may not believe it, animals also get bored and get tired of always eating the same foods, so we should try to change their menu from time to time.

However, if after taking it to the specialist, your animal still does not want to eat, it is important that you start to stimulate your cat’s appetite , but how to do it? We want to start by telling you that you should follow some strategies to help your pet overcome the loss of appetite, so pay close attention and get to work.

First of all, one of the best appetite stimulants for these animals is vitamin B. I recommend that you split a tablet of this vitamin and grind it to make it like powder. Then put it in your animal’s food and you will see how they will be automatically attracted by its smell. Vitamin B will help stimulate the sense of smell that is linked to appetite, and in a very short time the animal will begin to eat.

Another natural stimulant is Catnip , a catnip that can be added to food in extract form and the animal will immediately begin to eat. It is important to note that these types of extracts can be found in pet stores. If you prefer to use a more natural way, I recommend that you heat the cat food, whether dry or canned, for a few seconds, this will release the aroma of the food and the kitten will be tempted to start enjoying his menu.



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