How to socialize your kitten?

How To Socialize Your Kitten?

The socialization of the kitten is a fundamental step for his future life. If it is successful, he will have no difficulties in terms of social relations, with his congeners, other animals but also with humans. Fairly short-lived, socialization is followed by socialization phase. Let’s find out from what age the kitten is concerned and what are the main strategic points on which his master can intervene.

Socialization Or Socialization?

THE level of sociability of the adult cat is impacted by its life history, that is to say by the different experiences it has had since its birth. This learning is broken down into two major phases: socialization and the socialization.

What Does The Kitten Learn During The Socialization Phase?

Socialization of the kitten takes place from the birth of the animal over approximately four weeks. It is during this period that he learns, generally from his mother, to distinguish his congeners from other animals and at the same time to integrate the fact that he belongs to this species. He also learns to live like a cat and to communicate in the same way as his fellows. The kitten finally perceives during the socialization phase that cats reproduce only among themselves.

Socialization To Enrich Experiences And Grow Well

The stage of socialization follows the socialization period since it begins when the kitten is around 1 month old. The learning intensifies. It is indeed during this period of his life that the kitten reacts to different situations. So he learns from his own experiences. It’s time for him to also integrate communication codes. Socialization therefore allows him to apprehend differently all the situations with which he is confronted and to react according to each of them. It is therefore enriched by multiple experiences and this is how the future adult cat takes shape, with all the particularities that differentiate it from other cats.

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It is important that during his learning of life and codes, the kitten is not confronted with traumatic situations but on the contrary with moderately intense experiences. He can become a cat sereneable to react non-violently to a new situation, in other words, he will be a perfectly socialized cat.

All the experiences lived by the kitten during its first months can only be perfectly integrated if the animal does not present any disease, any congenital or motor problem.

How To Help Your Kitten To Socialize?

The kitten learns a lot from its mother. But his master can perfect the socialization of the kitty so that he becomes a little companion perfectly balanced. This intervention can begin from the birth of the kitten with light massages, caresses and some delicate manipulations so that the animal gets used to this type of treatment. exchange and that his tactile sensibility is later well developed.

From the end of sa 4th week of life, the kitten begins to be interested in a few objects and to play. It’s time to develop cognitive abilities through play, of course, by confronting it with smells, objects and sounds. It is important to limit this emotional and sensory stimulation in terms of duration but also of intensity. This will allow the kitten to get used to its rhythm, so without trauma.

Socializing A Kitten Helps It Acclimate

He can be difficult to accustom an adult cat to change environment. If he has spent a good part of his life frolicking in nature, he has little chance of getting used to life in an apartment whose windows overlook a large noisy boulevard but are always closed.

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Conversely, a cat born and raised for three or four years in an apartment and accustomed to spending its days and nights in front of a bay window, will experience some difficulties if it is suddenly installed in a huge house in the middle of the fields. However, it is easier to accustom an apartment cat to life in the countryside than the reverse.

Good socialization (and socialization) is therefore useful to allow a cat to better acclimatize when he finds himself in this type of situation.

Can You Transform A Cat By Socializing It?

It is possible to help the kitten to enrich his experiences in order to withstand as many situations as possible when he is an adult and to react without violence to changes or unknown situations. However, one does not model a cat as if it had been created in a mould. This is why many masters have some difficulty, when they adopt an adult cat, to keep it in their universe. This one is undoubtedly very different from the one he grew up in. Must therefore consider his personality before welcoming a cat at home but also the conditions in which it spent its first months, even its first years.

The more changes the cat undergoes in adulthood, the more likely it is to react violently or to develop some sort of stress-related syndrome. The cat is indeed a territorial animal but which in addition needs a certain ritual because it is very rooted in his habits. It is therefore always very important to get used to it noticeably for’ avoid trauma. If this rule is not respected, the previously serene animal risks becoming fearful, of not supporting cohabitation with its congeners. The relationship between the cat and its owner can also suffer seriously.

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To perfectly socialize a cat then, and if later it must radically change living conditions, the watchwords are patience, understanding and respect.

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