How to socialize a shy cat? 9 Helpful Tips

Whether you have a traumatized adult cat or have rescued an abandoned kitten, here are some ways to help your shy cat break out of his shell. Do not worry with time and patience you can help him socialize.

Here are some tips to help you on your way:


Understand that it is not your fault or your cat’s

You have brought this cat into your life with very good intentions, and there is a 99% chance that nothing you have done could have made him react that way.

Your shy kitten may have been traumatized before you took him in , or he may never have had a chance to be properly socialized.

Patience and compassion are the key with a shy cat

It can be frustrating at first trying to help a shy cat to no avail. You may even think about taking him back to the shelter, but don’t give up.

You have probably been in situations where you were terrified or traumatized – remember those moments and think about what would have helped you cope.


Start small

Hopefully, when you brought your cat home, you provided a small room, either in a guest bedroom or something similar, along with bedding , food , litter boxes, and toys .

A shy cat will do better if it can get familiar with a small space first.

Keep it quiet

Not only do cats have very sensitive hearing, but loud noises terrify shy cats. Therefore, try to avoid having him near the television or any noisy electronic device, at least until he socializes and is not so afraid.

Talk to your shy cat in a gentle way

You should keep your tone and volume low when addressing him , trying to use his name often. Imagine that you are talking to a baby in need of comfort. Maybe you can even sing her a little lullaby.


Food is a great way to win friends and influence a shy cat

Even the shyest cat can be won over by tasty food . You can pull a terrified, traumatized cat out from under a couch with a can of cat tuna.

Allow your shy cat to get close to you

When your shy cat pops its head out of hiding, don’t be too quick to touch it . Keep your hand in a relaxed position, palm down, and allow him to determine how close he gets.


Use a calming pheromone

Feline calming pheromones are synthetic analogues of the “happy cat” pheromones that cats leave behind when they rub their cheeks on you or your furniture. Hook up a pair of pheromone diffusers and let them help calm your shy cat.

Stay positive

Don’t stop working with your shy cat if he backs off in response to something you did . Instead, end your interaction with something that you and he have previously enjoyed together.


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