How to socialize a cat

Kittens, from birth to two months, depend on their mother to survive. She will be the one to teach them everything they need to be a cat: how they should behave with their siblings and other animals or humans, how and how much they should play, how to act if they feel uncomfortable or tense, … As we see, the role of a mother is very important. In fact, pups that are separated before eight weeks of age often have behavioral problems. Problems that are accentuated if they have not been properly socialized.

These furry, from two to three months, must have contact with everything that will be part of their lives once they reach adulthood. Therefore, I am going to explain to you how to socialize a cat .

The family environment should be calm

For our kitten to become a sociable cat, it is important that, from the first moment we have it at home, we make sure that the environment is calm and above all safe for our friend. Therefore, it is advisable to place it in a room first for 3-4 days, and gradually expand the space.

Patience, respect and perseverance: the three keys for the cat to be happy

We must approach the cat little by little , without making sudden movements since we could scare it. One way to quickly gain confidence is by offering him a cat treat. At first it is not advisable to caress it, but as the days go by we will be able to do it since it will trust us more and more.

From then on we will go one step further and hold him for a few minutes. It is possible that the cat will resist a bit, but it will get used to it soon … and it will surely end up liking it 😉, especially if you start playing with it after hugging it.


With these tips, with time and with love, we will make our cat’s life happy.




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