How to repel cats

If you are a follower of the blog it is because you like cats or because you are curious to know more about them, but sometimes we can find ourselves in the situation that we want to keep them away from either the house or the garden, regardless of the reason.

What to do in these cases? Some people use what is, in my opinion, the worst solution, which is to put poison. This does not solve anything, and in fact, this person is committing a crime against animals. There are solutions that do not harm the cat. So if you want to know how to repel cats , in this article we are going to give you a series of ideas that will be very useful to repel them.

Keeping garden cats away

If there are cats that come to your garden, there are a number of things you can do:

  • The first is to hide whatever foodthere is. They will likely go looking for food, and they will surely find it in your garden. For this reason, it is essential to hide it so that they do not smell it.
  • Put repellent plants for cats, such as lavender, eucalyptus or citronella. This will help you keep them away while you enjoy your garden.
  • Sprinkle some citrus peels on the ground– they hate them! You can also squeeze the juice out of the orange, pour it into a sprayer, and spray those problem areas where you don’t want the cats to go.
  • Use commercial cat repellants. You will find them in pet stores.

Repel cats at home

At home there may be certain areas that we do not want cats to go. If that’s your case, you can:

  • Prevent them from going to the rooms by giving him a place for himself. For example: if what he does is scratch the furniture, what we have to do is provide him with a scraper so that he can sharpen his nails on it. You can also use Feliway .
  • Hide and make a loud noise every time you see him doing something wrong. This will associate the object with that unpleasant sound, and will not come close.
  • Use cat repellants, either by spraying orange or lemon on objects or areas where you don’t want it to go, or with commercial repellants.




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