How to raise a cat in an apartment?

How to raise a cat in an apartment?

Many cats can live in an apartment and be there happy. It’s a question of personality but also of race. It is also linked to the organization of his place of life. The cat is an animal that loves above all to have a territory of its own, made up of different areas where it eats, sleeps, plays and defecates. Let’s do a check in.

Cat In An Apartment: Which Breed To Choose?

The cats that adapt best to an apartment life, that is to say a life that leaves few possibilities for frolicking in nature at any time of the day and night, are among the following:

They are quiet breeds of cats, which sedentary life – at least partial – does not bother. Which does not exempt them from go out regularly under surveillance. In addition, these little felines are sought after because they have a lot of tenderness to give and they like to be cuddled.

Arrange The Apartment Well To Accommodate A Cat

The owner of the pet should seriously take the arrangement of the apartment so that his little companion has enough space there. The cat must be able to have places of its own.

A place to take meal and where the cat can come and quench its thirst in complete freedom. He must also be able to indulge himself with this aromatic plant that he loves above all, catnip (Nepeta cataria) which is more commonly known as catnip. To do this, simply install a pot in your dining area. This place must be cleaned very regularly and the bowl washed every day. As for the water bowl, it must also be the subject of regular care and we think of changing the water at least once a day, or even more frequently when it is very hot.

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A litter corner who must respect the tranquility of the cat and not bother the masters. We generally install the litter away from the places of passage and certainly not next to the bowl of the cat if we do not want to risk that it relieves itself in any other place of the apartment. The litter must be checked and cleaned constantly so that there are no bad odors in the accommodation. We remove excrement and litter amalgamated by the cat’s urine every day, and we wash the tray once or twice a week.

A corner for sleep which must be clean, comfortable and at the right temperature. To know where to install it, just observe your cat during the first days. He himself will determine where he prefers to rest. As a rule, this animal chooses several places to sleep during the day and night. It is important to respect their choices.

Spaces For Play And Stimulation

The cat must be able to play in the flat. He needs to run, jump, hide, hunt, climb… Play is essential for his stimulation and it must be admitted, a cat that can go out when it wishes finds in the garden or the neighboring fields enough to be perfectly stimulated. This is not the case if the cat spends most of its time in an apartment. The duty of his master is therefore to think carefully about the layout of the accommodation. A few cat toys purchased from pet stores are a plus.

You should also keep for your cat a raised area because this little feline likes to settle in height as on a cleared shelf for example or on a piece of furniture. The cat loves observation posts ! In the same way, he takes pleasure in hiding at any time of the day. For example, we can reserve a few small boxes or cardboard boxes for it (to decorate… it will be more fun in the apartment!), place old cushions in a corner of the room or behind a curtain, or why not reserve the bottom for the cat a cupboard whose door is left slightly open so that he can enter and leave at his convenience. Be careful in this case to install a system that will prevent the door from closing. This will prevent the cat from remaining prisoner of its hiding place in the absence of its masters.

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A Safe Place To Live For Your Cat

All the precautions must be taken when furnishing an apartment where you wish to welcome a cat. This very curious little animal must be protected because he likes to discover the smallest square centimeter. He must not burn himself or electrocute himself. It is also recommended to be careful with a kitten because it can swallow small parts of toys. This is why it is imperative to leave within reach what does not represent no danger for him. Be careful also if you have a balcony, because in this case the animal is very exposed to the risk of falls which can be fatal.

It is strongly recommended to choose your houseplants carefully because many of them are toxic for the cat. It is possible to inquire with a gardening professional or to seek advice from the veterinarian.

How Do I Know If My Cat Is Happy In The Apartment?

His day-to-day behavior gives good indications to his master. If he plays, eats well, if he always relieves himself in his litter and not just anywhere, and if he shows no signs of aggression, it is because he likes it. apartment because it has been perfectly fitted out so that he finds his place there. Conversely the cat can be aggressive or fall back on itself and flee the affection of his master. An unhappy cat does not play, is not very cuddly whereas it was before. He can also abandon his food or, on the contrary, become bulimic…

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Cats are easily stressed animals. He can’t stand being upset in his habits. He doesn’t like to be constantly disturbed but gets bored if his master leaves him alone for whole long days. Having a cat in an apartment therefore requires a little availablity because loneliness has a negative impact on the well-being of the animal.

Finally, so that it ages in complete serenity, the master of the little feline has every interest in opting for the sterilization. Males and females even gain in terms of health since once sterilized, they are less exposed to the risk of developing a number of pathologies. If you do not have a large budget, you can take the precaution of insuring your cat with a mutual health insurance, because in this case, veterinary procedures are subject to reimbursement.

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