How to prevent the cat from eating quickly?

The cat should eat at a normal rate; that is, without haste but without pause. When it seems that it is swallowing food, we can be sure that something happens to it: it may be that it is going through a time of stress, or that it has a health problem (such as hyperthyroidism, for example).

If we take this into account, we have to know how to prevent the cat from eating quickly .

Special feeder


One of the things that will help our cat the most is buying him a special feeder that will force him to eat more slowly. There are different models, but the most common is the one that has some ‘obstacles’ in the center that will prevent you from swallowing the food.

Since you can’t put your whole head in, you will have to stop eating quickly … whether you want to or not. However, it has a possible drawback: the price. It can cost an average of 15 euros.

Soak your feed with water

An almost free way to achieve our goal is simply by soaking your feed with water. Of course, you have to keep in mind that you will continue to eat something fast, but certainly not as much as you did before .

Also, as your food is soaked, and therefore soft, the risk of choking is much lower.

Silicone baking trays, egg cups and the like

If we are not convinced about soaking the feed, and / or if we do not want to spend money on a special feeder, what we can do is use the silicone baking trays, egg cups and other similar objects.

We fill them with your feed, and so you will be forced to eat little by little , without haste.


Anyway, I insist, if he has suddenly started to gobble food, it would not hurt to visit the vet to tell us if he has any health problems. If you are healthy, then ask yourself if you are going through a stressful time, and if so, take steps to help.


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