How to prevent my cat from getting sick

We love our furry dog ​​very much, and the least we wish is that he is unwell. He is a member of the family and as such we take care of him. We care about their well-being, which is why we often wonder how to prevent my cat from getting sick .

That is a question that does not have an easy or only answer, since it is impossible to protect it from everything (and in fact, this would be counterproductive since we would get a cat that is too dependent on us). But let’s try to answer it.

Keep it dewormed

The cat is prone to parasites, both internal and external. There are many of them that can infect our friend, causing him to contract all kinds of diseases. To avoid this, it must be treated with an antiparasitic that eliminates and protects the feline from fleas, ticks, mites and internal parasites such as worms.

In animal supply stores you will find pills, collars and pipettes. Normally they repel parasites for a month, but can last less (3 weeks) or even longer (3 months).

Feed him quality food

Although it is known that there are many cats that can live for several years being fed cheap feed, the ideal is to give them food that has a lot of animal protein and no cereals . They are more expensive feed (a 7kg bag costs an average of 40 euros depending on the brand), but your health will appreciate it.

Take him to the vet

One way to keep him from getting sick is to take him to the vet to get checked out. These reviews should be annual as they will allow the professional to detect any possible symptoms that may indicate that our friend’s immune system is beginning to fight a disease.

Likewise, it is highly recommended to take him for the necessary vaccines . They won’t protect you 100%, but they do protect you 98 or 99%, which is a lot.

Shell it or sterilize it

A neutered or spayed cat is a cat that has a much better chance of living for many years . A “whole” cat will fight with others of its kind when it is mating season, and in doing so it may contract some disease.

Give him a lot of love

Affection is, perhaps, the most important thing. It may not directly prevent the cat from getting sick, but it will make it that much happier . And that, in the end, is what matters most.




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