How to prevent my cat from getting on the table

Furry animals sometimes have behaviors that we don’t quite like even though they may seem funny, since after all they are still mischief typical of felines. And of course, keep in mind that they don’t miss an opportunity to get some food. Still, surely you would like to know how to prevent my cat from getting on the table to be able to eat in peace.

I’ll be honest with you: it is much easier to prevent than to correct that attitude. But it is not impossible : with patience and perseverance you can get the pussycat to eat on your site.


Let’s first see how to prevent that from happening. For this, it is necessary that all members of the family collaborate, since it will be enough with a mistake for the cat to feel the need to go and get that delicious piece of food. Knowing this, you will avoid leaving food on tables and furniture , since if you do not perceive any odor that may attract you, you will not have the need to investigate.

During lunchtime, it is essential not to fall into the temptation of that sweet look that asks us for a piece of meat.

To correct

Once the cat has already learned that if he gets on the table he will get a treat (food), changing this behavior will take time, especially if he is an adult. But as we said at the beginning: everything is a matter of patience and perseverance. Every time we see that he intends to climb, we say NO to sign but without shouting, and if he does not climb we give him a prize .

We must also avoid leaving food on surfaces easily accessible to our furry, otherwise exercise will not give us positive results.


Our furry ones want to spend as much time as possible with us but, as we would do with any other living being, we must always set certain limits on them out of respect and affection.


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