How to mourn the death of your cat?

I gave my mia one last tidbit yesterday morning, tears flow from my eyes without being able to stop. I still remember the day when my mother called me to say that she had found a tank prostrate in a busy corner of our town. I had stormed out of my house, only a vest over my shoulders. The tomcat was left hanging, wrapped in this famous vest, “so that he wouldn’t catch a cold”.

He hadn’t been very nice at first, when he finally felt safe in my apartment. He attacked, biting and clawing like a wild beast. Little by little, through perseverance and love, he had become a ball of love. He got along very well with his sister, a kitten found two weeks out. He was still glued to me. He always had to be in contact with me. He slept at my head, protecting me from bad dreams. He stretched his paws towards me so that I could take him in my arms. He always showed his back for me to caress him.

One morning, he had an eye that closed badly, so straight to the vet. He had prescribed me an anti inflammatory, this is where the beginning of the ordeal began.

mia, had started to vomit, so I took him to another vet, “he has chronic gastroenteritis”. So change from croquettes, hills to medicalized hills croquettes.

It was better for a week then a relapse, I was moving at that time.

Another hello to the vet, because he was at his worst. He had had acute kidney failure, with all the packaging that went with it. My baby being a warrior he had overcome this crisis, with kidney damage all the same.

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Then four days ago, he started throwing up, it was Sunday, he was still fine, and the vet ER wouldn’t have done anything, so I took him to the vet the next day.

“It’s a little gastro, he should eat this evening with the prescribed pills”

He never wanted to eat, he went back to the vet never to distribute any… “He has a foreign body, I’m keeping it, I’m operating on it and you can get it back tonight”

In the end it was not that at all, “he has the bile walls (they make the connection with the two intestines) swollen and cardboard.

The urea and creatinine levels are not good, he is anemic. We see within twenty-four hours if there is an improvement, otherwise we will have to let him go. ”

As tough a warrior as he was he couldn’t get up this time, I had to say goodbye to him so he wouldn’t suffer anymore.

It was dazzling, and above all he was too young, he was only four years and five months old.

In the end, the cause would have been a fulgurating lymphoma.

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