How to make the cat affectionate

It is said that animals (dogs and felines especially) that live with a family end up adopting behaviors from their caretakers , since they learn by imitation. In fact, they are true experts at it.

Now, if you do not know how to make the cat affectionate , you have come to the right place. Today I am going to give you a series of tips so that your furry is, at least, (more) adorable than it sure is.

The first thing you have to do is analyze your own character , because to achieve our goal, sometimes we are the ones who have to take the first step and modify something in our behavior. We cannot expect a cold person, who hardly spends time with the cat, to have an affectionate friend. In this sense, if I may make a comparison, they are very similar to children. They will give what they will receive.

For your cat to be affectionate, a piece of advice for you to reach your goal is to play with him , to involve the animal in every possible moment of your life at home. Every time you see him take a nap or finish waking up, go over to him and give him a few caresses and / or kisses. Of course, it is not about overwhelming him , but about showing him how much you love him. As soon as he gets tired of pampering, he will start tapping the tip of his tail against the ground, and may end up getting up and leaving. I insist: we must not go to this extreme, because otherwise instead of going forward, what we will do is move away from our goal.

In the same way, to educate them they do not have to use physical punishment , because they do not understand what they are for. If you see that he is misbehaving, just clap him – with your hands – or say a firm NO but without yelling.



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