How to make my cat more affectionate

Cats that live with humans have a special behavior towards them, which will depend above all on how they coexist with the animal; that is, how it is treated. We must also bear in mind that, as with us, each cat is unique , and as such has its own character. Some will be more sociable than others, even though they are raised in the same way.

Now, if we want to know how to make my cat more affectionate , we will have no choice but to modify our routine a bit. But don’t worry: both you and your furry friend will have a great time.

In fact, it will be enough if you take the time to be with him. Of course, it is not about spending the whole day with your cat, but rather about letting it fall asleep on your lap while you are watching TV, throwing a ball down the hall for it to fetch it, and even, If you can and want, to let him sleep with you in your bed or on the sofa (in the market you will find special blankets that are put on this type of furniture that prevent the hairs from being well attached. Thus, after each wash you will have them again clean).

These are small details, small changes, that can make your cat more affectionate. The fact of spending time with him, of interacting and having unforgettable moments, will make him want to spend more time with you little by little .

Another very important thing that we must not forget is that you cannot live well with a cat if it is physically punished , that is, if it is hit, or if water is sprayed on it when it does something that we consider to be wrong . Cats don’t learn anything like that, only to be afraid of the person who did that to them. If your cat behaves in an inappropriate way, you have to know why he is doing it and, once we know it, start correcting it using positive training .

Getting a cat to become more affectionate is really very simple. With patience and love you can make living with the animal much more pleasant for everyone.



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