How to make my baby cat stop crying

In the middle of the breeding season, mother cats protect their babies, giving them warmth, milk and a lot of affection … until it is time to wean as soon as the kittens are two months old. However, sometimes something unexpected happens, and the offspring end up orphaned on the street. If luck smiles on them, they will find someone to take care of them.

If that someone is you and you are wondering how to make my baby cat stop crying , take note of these tips to regain peace of mind.

The needs of baby cats

Kittens are born around 68 days after being conceived. They come into the world with their eyes and ears closed, which will open little by little over the next few days. However, they are already born with a highly developed sense of smell and touch, thanks to this they can recognize the smell of their mother and their brothers, as well as touch them, something that makes them feel safe.

The problem is that they are born very small and without being able to regulate their body temperature, so that especially the first month of life and up to two-three months they are very dependent on their mother . She provides them with heat, food (breast milk at first, and somewhat solid food later), and is also the one in charge of teaching them to hunt.

But … when she is missing, or when they separate from her too soon, it is common for them to either not get ahead, or they grow up being unbalanced cats. And it is that no matter how hard we try, humans are not cats, we are not even felines. We can teach them to hunt a toy, but we could never get them to learn to fend for themselves in the hypothetical case that they could be outside.

Even so, we can be very helpful if we find them (or give them to us) orphans.

How to care for a newborn kitten without a mother?



You have to give them replacement milk (sold here ) in a bottle every 3-4 hours, warm.

Another option is to mix:

  • 250ml of lactose-free milk
  • 120ml heavy cream
  • 1 egg yolk without any white
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Do not forget to wash the bottle after each feeding, with hot water and a specific bottle brush (on sale here ).

Urinate and defecate

After each feeding, after 15 minutes or so , you should take a gauze, dip it in warm water and pass it over the genital area. Use clean gauze pads for urine, and clean pads for stool.

What color and texture should a baby kitten’s stool be?

As they feed on milk for at least two months, the color must be yellowish and have a pasty texture . If it is any other color, you have to go to the vet urgently.


Baby kittens must be well protected from the cold , with blankets, thermal bottles, towels, … whatever while the comfort and safety of the animals is ensured. If you use plastic bottles, cover them with a cloth or thin towel to prevent them from burning.

During the summer or if you live in a warm area, keep an eye on them anyway, and keep a blanket close by.


My baby cat meows a lot, why?


Baby cats, like human babies, can cry for a number of reasons. To stop it, you have to know what makes the animal uncomfortable . Thus, you may feel bad for several reasons:

  • Hunger: it is the most frequent. An orphan kitten needs to eat every 3h, either special milk for kittens with a syringe or bottle or wet feed if its teeth are already beginning to grow (from one month on).
  • Cold: Baby kittens, during their first two weeks of age, cannot maintain their body temperature on their own. In fact, until they are six months old they will have problems regulating their body heat well. So it will be necessary to be very aware of the animal, so that it does not get cold. During the months when the temperature drops below 20º we have to cover it with blankets.
  • Disease: furry so young can be victims of some diseases, such as distemper. If he does not want to eat / drink, if he has diarrhea and / or vomiting, he must be taken urgently to the vet.

What to do to make them stop crying

In order for him to stop crying, in addition to what we have mentioned, we have to be patient . The animal is in an unfamiliar place, with strange people, and to some extent it is normal for it to feel like crying. Every day you have to cover their basic needs, and above all give them a lot of love.

You will see how in a matter of days you will notice him happy.

How to stop my cat from meowing at night?

First of all, it is important to be clear that a cat is not a toy that can be turned off so that it stops making noise; if he meows it’s for something . It may be an uncastrated cat and it may be in heat , or it may be an animal that feels lonely and that feeling of discomfort is accentuated at night when the family sleeps, or that is sick, or anxiety , or stress , or that I eat one of mine, find a toy and call you to play.

There are many possible reasons, so the best thing to do in these cases is to discard one by one, and if there is suspicion that it is wrong, take it to the vet. In the event that you were completely healthy, I recommend you read this article:



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