How to make homemade cat toys

How to make homemade cat toys

Are you aware of the importance of play in the daily life of felines? In the wild they reserve 40% of their daily hours to hunt. Hence the cute pictures of kittens stalking shadows. The emulation of hunting is a constant in the game of cats, regardless of their age.

They begin to play at 2 weeks of age and do not stop throughout their existence, this being an indication that they are physically and psychologically healthy . In fact, play cognitively stimulates the cat and keeps it protected from stress and anxiety. Discover how to create cheap and fun homemade toys for kittens.

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Homemade toys for kittens

In childhood, play helps them learn to coordinate and measure their strength. In adulthood it favors physical and mental exercise. Do not hesitate to play with your cat, it will be an opportunity to spend time together and strengthen your bond . Of course, try to familiarize him with the shared game without using your hands. Use toys.

We are going to show you 6 examples of homemade toys that are very simple to make, very cheap and entertaining. You will not need to buy anything or be a handyman. The only recommendation is that you take into account the size of your pet when making them to be their size and really have fun using them. We started!

Maze for cats

You will only need a cardboard box, such as the one for shoes or boots, a pencil, a cutter, a glass and a ball. You will need to draw 3 rows of circles on each side of the box and cut them out. Once all the holes have been made, insert the ball through one of them and let the fun begin!

If you feel like it, you can decorate the box with clippings from magazines, vinyls or, if you are inspired, by painting directly on it. Your creativity will have no limits.

Musical goblet

One of the goblets from ludo or other board games will be used to build this toy. Fill it, for example, with rice and make sure it is tightly closed. The idea is that when you roll it, it emits sound and this motivates your pet to play behind it. The last step is to cover it, for example, using a piece of fabric. Simple, right?


To build this kong or food dispenser you can use a roll of toilet paper or a plastic bottle. Mark some small squares or circles, to allow the feed or your favorite treats to enter through them . If you have opted for the plastic bottle, you should sand them so that your friend does not hurt himself when playing.

Then, all you have to do is fill the dispenser and decorate it. We recommend that you use a bell or some feathers to make it more attractive and suggestive. Your absences will pass without realizing it, putting your intelligence to the test, as you will have to figure out how to make the cookies come out.

The toilet paper roll

The toilet paper roll has the advantage of being very economical (it exists in every home) and versatile. Depending on which direction you make the cuts, the toy will fit the size of a young cat or an adult one.

Thus, if you make cuts across the roll and interlace those cardboard rings together, you will create an ideal dispenser for a puppy . If, on the contrary, you join several rolls and make several floors, you will have a kong-pyramid for adult cats. You will only need to deposit the food inside the rolls.

What if you run fringes along the roll at both ends? The result will be very different. Make a hole to insert a ribbon and you will get a spider-shaped toy, perfect for being chased.

Sock-based soft toy

If you have an old or mismatched sock that you no longer use, you can give it a second life that, surely, your best friend will appreciate: creating a stuffed animal in the shape of a rabbit. Take the sock and cut a strip at the top. This will be the area intended to create the bunny’s ears.

Fill it with cotton and sew it so that it cannot come out . It will be time to draw his face to look like a bunny. Paint his eyes, nose, mouth with his protruding teeth and whiskers.

Hanging toy with spools of thread

Use the most colorful spools of thread you have. The result will be more striking and attractive . Once the coils are empty, you must suspend them from a resistant structure with colored ribbons to hang them. Place them at different heights to create a set that your kitty will love. He will spend hours trying to reach them.

Homemade ball

This time, you will have to make a ball with newspaper. Lay out some feathers and secure them with tape. Line the ball with esparto rope while making sure to stick it with liquid silicone or glue. It is a great toy to sharpen your nails .

There is another version of this ball: replace the esparto rope with elastic office bands. Being of different colors the result will also be very attractive. If you dare, you can glue this ball to a stick using string or elastic tape to create a personal rod. Can you imagine the hours of fun it will provide you?

Who said that it is necessary to spend money to offer your cat the toys it needs to be healthy and happy? We hope that you will dare to put our guidelines into practice and that you will share in the results with us. You dare?


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