How to make homemade cat scratchers

Cats need to scratch to mark their territory and, incidentally, keep their nails always sharp in case they should ever use them. An object that we can provide for this purpose is the scraper, but of course, those found in the markets can have a very high price, so … why not do it at home?

In this article we explain how to make homemade cat scratchers , easily, and with very cheap materials.

Cardboard scraper

There are many things that a cat can use as a scratching post, like rugs, cardboard boxes… Wait, what if we put it together? This scraper would be made as follows:

  • Get two cardboard boxesbig enough for your cat to fit well.
  • Now, cut one of them into stripsof about 10cm.
  • Once it’s done, stick those strips inside the boxthat you’ve left intact.
  • Finally, you can wrap both the outside and the inside of the box with someold rugs .

Wood scraper

But if what you are looking for is a scratcher that is really resistant and that also lasts a lot, then you can choose to make a wooden scratcher. To do this, you must get a wooden post that is about 15-20cm wide and 45cm high, and a square board of the same material about 5cm thick and 35-40cm wide.

Once you have it, you just have to place the post right in the center of the board, mark it with a pen or marker, and glue it with superglue. To make it look more beautiful, both for you and your cat, I recommend wrapping it with raffia rope approximately 0.5cm thick, or with a doormat. You can also glue it with superglue.

So now you know, in a matter of no time you will have a homemade scratching post for cats.




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