How to make cat repellent

Whether you are a lover of felines or if you do not want them to go to your garden, surely you have ever wondered how to make cat repellent . And, there are places that it is important not to approach, as they could endanger your own life.

In the market there are several cat repellants, some more advisable than others, but we are going to tell you what you can do so that your cats (or those of your neighbors) do not get closer to those areas where you do not want them to go .

Cats are magnificent jumpers, being able to jump heights of up to two meters. Taking this into account, the first thing I recommend is that you put metallic fabrics, and that you also put some tall, fast-growing plants (such as cypress or Syringa vulgaris for example) to act as a hedge. It may take time to get the “plant barrier” to form, so in the meantime, try these tricks:

  • Plant lavenders, rosemary and / or citronella in your garden or in pots:cats do not like the smell they give off, so they will approach them.
  • Put some citrus fruits: they also dislike the smell, but these trees also have edible fruits, so, after having enjoyed a great meal, you can have a delicious and very healthy dessert.
  • Sprinkle in some pepper, dry mustard, or coffee grounds– you can even combine a few to keep cats away.
  • You like cats? Offer them a small corner in your garden: plant catnip and you’ll see how they will only get close to it.
  • Cats are naughty little guys who don’t see the world like we do. People know that “this is our house” because it has walls that we recognize as our own. But the territory of cats can encompass the gardens of several houses, so making them understand that they cannot enter more than yours can take time.
  • Therefore, I recommend that you have a lot of patience. Only then will you achieve positive results, for both of you. Courage.




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