How to make cat food

Newborn kittens should be fed only on milk, if possible maternal, or else substitute that we will find for sale in pet stores and veterinary clinics. But after the first four weeks, it is important that we accustom them to soft solid foods, such as porridge.

If you want to know how to prepare cat food step by step , then I will explain it to you 🙂.



With feed for kittens


  • 1 cup of high quality baby kitten food (no grains or by-products)
  • 1 cup warm baby kitten replacement milk

Step by Step

Once we have everything, it will be time to follow this step by step :

  1. The first thing we will do is heat the milk in a water bath.
  2. Then we pour it on the solid feed.
  3. Next, we will let it rest for a few minutes, the necessary for the feed to soften.
  4. Then, we blend the mixture until we obtain a porridge.
  5. Finally, we offer it to the furry at room temperature or a little warm.

With turkey or chicken


  • 150g of turkey or chicken breast
  • Enough water to boil the meat

Step by Step

It is as follows :

  1. The first thing to do is bring the breast to a boil.
  2. Later, when it is very tender, it is removed from the pot and it is showcased until it forms a mush.
  3. Finally, we offer it to the kitten as soon as it cools down.

How often should you eat?

The kitten is in full growth stage, in addition to one month old it already begins to walk around the house (well, rather try to walk 🙂) and play. For all that, you are going to need to eat fairly regularly.

From experience, the ideal is to give 4-6 daily feedings and let him eat until he is satisfied . Some say that it should also feed at night, but I did not do it for the simple reason that my cat Sasha, who was the one I raised since baby, slept at night that it was nice to see her. Sleep is also important for the furry to grow healthy, we must not forget it. Of course, it is very, very important that if he asks us for food and / or if he is sick, we give it to him.

Can Cats Eat Oatmeal?

Following the main topic that concerns us, that is, the consumption of porridge in cats and how to prepare them, we are going to tell you a section in which many owners have doubts about whether this is really the case or not. We are going to talk about whether or not cats can eat porridge.

Can Cats Eat Oatmeal?

Some questions concern cat owners:

  • Can I give my cat oatmeal?
  • How Much Oatmeal Can You Have?
  • If oats provide all of these benefits to humans, can cats also experience the same benefits?
  • How Often Should My Cat Eat Oatmeal?
  • What is the best form of oatmeal for cats?

Below are some of the answers to these questions:

Should I feed my cat oatmeal?

In fact, it is true that you can feed your cat oatmeal, but only in small quantities. Cats have a different nutritional requirement than humans and can be prone to stomach sensitivities. They also have a different digestive mechanism compared to ours.

How Much Oatmeal Can a Cat Tolerate?


A diet for cats consists of protein . Oats are actually high in carbohydrates and very low in protein. Therefore, it does not provide the necessary nutritional requirements. However, it can be used as a secondary food alternative for the cat. Ideally, they should be used as treats to cats.

Oatmeal porridge for cats

Cats are lactose intolerant . They cannot eat oatmeal made with milk . You are probably wondering how to cook oatmeal for cats. Well, don’t make oatmeal porridge with milk. Water can be a wonderful substitute. To make them, add a little water just to make the grains soften a bit.

Combine this with the wet cat food you normally serve them. This makes it easier for the cat to chew, swallow and digest food. It also helps to introduce nutrients slowly to the cat. Homemade recipes for wet cat food can be found on the internet. They are a cheap way to reduce the cost of cat food. Add a little salt. Cats have a low tolerance for salt levels. Be careful with the salt levels to avoid poisoning your cat.

Nutritional benefits of oatmeal for cats

Oats have a wide variety of benefits:

  • It is a source of iron. This is a good fit for enzyme function. Iron is required to make blood. Without iron, your cat is likely to suffer from anemia.
  • Contains calcium and vitamin b6. Calcium is necessary for bone formation, especially in kittens. It also helps to ensure that the nerves and muscles are coordinated and function properly. The body needs vitamin B6 to break down proteins into amino acids.
  • Oats also contain manganese and a lot of fiber. Fiber helps clear up digestive problems. This helps keep cholesterol levels low. They are low in gluten and help calm the digestive tract and regulate bowel movement.
  • Oatmeal helps stabilizeyour cat’s hormones . When a cat is expectant, there is a fluctuation in Hormones that results in an initiated change. Oatmeal helps smooth things out.
  • Not forgetting, oats have high diuretic properties. It’s also considered anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor, making it the best homemade cat food.

Side effects of oats

Oatmeal is not always good. Oatmeal may contain unwanted chocolate or streaks. These two ingredients are very poisonous to cats and can lead to death. The daily calorie intake for cats is up to 300 calories. A single oatmeal dessert contains about 100 calories. 

This means that you must be very careful and limit the amount of calories you eat. If you occasionally feed your cat treats and raw foods, reduce the amount even more, as it is likely to cause weight gain, resulting in health problems. Raw organic cat food could be harmful to your cat. If in doubt, talk to your vet.

Other alternatives


There are several other types of food that cats can eat, such as

  • Cooked beef
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Cooked spinach, among others

So can cats eat oatmeal? If you can. However, you have to make sure that the oatmeal is prepared the right way. The portion of the oatmeal is also very important.

This could result in a healthy cat or health complications for the cat. You have to follow these mentioned steps and your cat will be very healthy.

As you can see, cats can be animals that can eat porridge or oatmeal, as long as a good preparation and above all, the amount of food is taken into account. Do not gorge your cat on food, because no matter how healthy it is, you could harm its health with weight gain and could even poison it without knowing it. Be careful and if you have any questions about feeding, always go to a veterinarian for advice on personalized feeding advice for your feline friend.

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