How to make a kitten stop biting you?

Why does my kitten bite me? How can I stop my kitten from biting? Why do cats bite and how do we avoid it? What is your fascination with biting? We are going to answer all these common questions about why cats bite.


Kitten nibbles may be fine and harmless when the cat is a baby, but they can become painful as the kittens get older. Here we are going to reveal to you how to prevent your kitty from biting you.

Why do cats bite?

It turns out that biting is part of the play behavior kittens learn when they are with their siblings in the litter. “This is the time when each kitten learns to use an inhibited bite to avoid causing harm.” This social game between kittens in a litter is important, and each of them learns the rules.

How to make a kitten stop biting you?

Many times we have been asked how to make my cat not bite. When our cats are young and we play with them and their innocent nibbles, this encourages them to continue to do so as they grow. Therefore, what we must do to stop this behavior before it is too late is to give our kitten the right toys. We should stop playing with our kitten immediately if it starts to bite us during play. It is important to use these methods from the beginning, or as soon as possible.

The most important rule of thumb in educating a kitten to play gently is not to use fingers as toys. Although our kitten does not hurt us when he plays with our fingers, it is important to let him know that he will never be allowed to bite. Therefore, we should never use our fingers to play with the kitten .

What toys should you use to deter your kitty from biting you?

There are a wide variety of toys available to help your kitty learn what she can and cannot bite. It is important that our cat has the appropriate toys to chew during play from the beginning .

For interactive play, use toys based on the fishing pole design . These types of toys will keep a safe distance between our hands and our kitten’s teeth.

Using smaller toys from our hand could tempt our kitten to bite our fingers. When we use smaller toys, such as electric mice, you should make sure to throw them so that your kitten will chase them and not grab them from your hand, which would incite him to bite to take it away.


What to do if your kitten bites you while you play with it

If your kitten accidentally bites you during the time you are playing with him, stop immediately and stay still. In case it is biting your ankles, stop moving. What our cat wants when he plays is movement, so if you stop he will not get the desired result .

We recommend that you gently move your kitten away from the part that is biting (usually the fingers) if it is hurting you, rather than withdrawing your hand. This will confuse your cat and make him loosen his attack.

An accidental bite from a playful kitten shouldn’t spell the end of the game. When our cat bites us it is important to stop all movement and ignore what it is doing . You can restart the game when your kitty has calmed down. This will send the message that biting your hand will spell the end of the game. It is very important that our kitten always receives the same message every time he bites us while playing.


What we should NOT do when our cat bites us

Negative reactions on our part to the bite of our kitten can have long-term negative effects on your relationship with him . While these actions may momentarily stop him from biting us, they will also make him learn to fear us. Having an aggressive reaction when our cat bites us could cause it to bite us more forcefully in a future incident or become more aggressive.


To prevent our kitten from biting us when we play with it, we must teach it from a young age not to play with our fingers . We must use the appropriate cat toys to prevent our kitten from biting us while playing. Whenever it happens we must immediately stop the game and remove our kitten from us.

At first it will not be easy for us to separate our kitten when he only wants to play, but following our advice on how to make our cat not bite us while playing, we will get our little friend to understand that it is not acceptable for him to bite us. Providing chew toys will help him find appropriate outlets for his natural chewing activities by playing.



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