How to make a cat happy easily

If you are considering incorporating a cat into your life or if you already have one, knowing these guidelines or tricks will help you strengthen your bond and make your cat happy.

In addition to a quality diet and routine veterinary check-ups, there are other aspects that you should also take care of to preserve the physical and psychological well-being of your cat. We show you the keys below. Can you come with us?

Hygiene, nutrition and rest – Essential for happiness

Cat hygiene

You won’t be surprised to learn that felines are extremely scrupulous about hygiene. Therefore, brush him regularly, check his eyes, ears and mouth and sanitize his litter box if you want to live with a happy and healthy cat.

Opt for a litter box that is large enough for your pet. Being twice the size of your cat will make it easier for him to have freedom of movement. You should also avoid the bad smell in the sandbox , as it causes discomfort.

Likewise, choose fine-grained sand, since although each cat has its preferences, this type has a good acceptance among felines. Remove the stool daily and replace the litter once a week .

Reserve a space for him. Cats are very territorial and possessive, so knowing that they have an area to eat, relieve themselves or play just for them is comforting.

Likewise, if you live with several cats, each of them must have a litter box exclusively for him. Also, do not try to move the sandbox, as it could disturb it.


The feeding of our cat, fundamental

Food is not a minor issue. Not surprisingly, there are several studies that indicate that a varied and balanced diet directly affects the condition of the cat’s hair and skin.

The feed is specifically formulated to cover all the nutritional needs of your pet. Being fully nourished will affect your overall health.

Therefore, do not be obsessed with the price when you go to buy it. Comparing the composition of the labeling of various feeds will help you make the best decision.

If you think about it, he deserves it and that extra cost more than compensates for the cost of possible visits to the vet to tackle pathologies derived from a poor diet.

Hydration should accompany the diet by offering fresh, clean water daily . It is essential to prevent kidney disease.

Since cats are not very fond of drinking, place several drinkers in different places in the house. If you prefer to drink directly from the tap, try installing a cat fountain.

If you want the best for your cat, as far as food is concerned, we recommend that you read something about natural food, also known as BARF food.


Rest, essential to be happy

Do you know that cats spend about 70% of the day sleeping? Not that they are particularly lazy, but they need it to regulate body temperature and reduce energy consumption.

Your cat must have adequate space for rest. That you recognize it as yours and that it is clean It will not take long to see how it makes good use of it, especially if it is cold or has been sterilized.

Check his health, he won’t

Don’t forget to keep your vaccination and deworming calendar updated . Never self-medicate him if he is sick or try to deworm him with dog products that could poison him.

Take him to the vet every 6 months to confirm that he is healthy or to detect possible diseases early. Many times an early diagnosis saves the life of your best friend.

If you are determined to sterilize it, do it as soon as possible. Do you know that in cats it contributes to a 95% decrease in the risk of suffering from breast cancer? If you need advice, do not hesitate to consult with your trusted veterinarian.


Provide a stimulating environment

Cats are naturally curious. To preserve his psychological well-being, you should offer him stimuli that keep him cognitively active, especially when you are absent.

In this sense, the access to the outside through a balcony or terrace and the games will connect with their innate hunting instinct. He will stay exercised and more attached to you if you also participate.

Everyday gestures like watching birds pass by the window are a great incentive for your pet. In fact, this routine helps to prevent depression in cats.

If you are concerned that it could fall into the void, there are different models of special reinforcements or barriers to protect your windows or your balcony and prevent your cat from being injured.

If your cat is very active, resorting to positive reinforcement will bring you a double benefit, he will keep his mind occupied and you will teach him certain tricks necessary for the good of your coexistence.

If you provide a simple box, it will be the happiest animal in the world. You don’t need to buy him the most expensive toy on the market. Many times, as you know, the simplest is the most entertaining.

Heights are another weakness of cats. They feel safe watching it and controlling everything from above. In turn, winter is where they can be warmer.

If you want to satisfy your best friend, nothing better than a gym for cats . Its multiple heights will allow it to jump, climb and hang without damaging your furniture.

Scratchers will also delight your pet, since sharpening their nails is one of the favorite activities of cats. If you observe that he kneads you or that he does it with a garment that smells like you, take it as a compliment. He is telling you that he loves you.

Get to know him and respect his temperament

There is nothing more counterproductive than forcing your cat to do what makes it uncomfortable or upsetting. Take care to observe their behavior to learn more about their temperament.

If you insist on something that he does not like to do, he will end up associating you with negative stimuli and he will not enjoy your company. Likewise, you must learn to decode their body language to improve your communication.

Thus, if you discover him rubbing against your leg or giving you head butts, he will want to tell you that he needs your pampering . If its tail is erect it is because it is alert or happy. If your ears are tilted or back, you may be angry or scared.


Only if you know how to interpret their particular language will you be able to satisfy their needs and become their alter ego. Do not skimp on displays of affection, caresses on the forehead, neck or chin will win you over.

As you can see, the advice to make a cat happy is summarized in considering it as an equal, a being made up of various spheres that you must feed and care for.


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