How to leave my cat alone for a week

Are you planning to go on vacation for a few days? Great! But … surely it will haunt you how to leave my cat alone for a week , right? If no one can go to take care of it, you should know that, if it is only 7 days, you can have it at home without having to worry.

Find out what you should do so that your dear friend does not lack anything in your absence.

Full feeders and waterers

The most important thing is, of course, to leave him a few full feeders and drinkers . Currently and increasingly it is easier to find dispensers -both food and water- for cats at low prices. Calculate the amount of food he will need, but just in case add something else. If your furry has a tendency to get fat, you can buy toys that you can fill with their feed.

Depending on your friend’s age and weight, you may need to leave around six to seven full feeders , and about 4-5 drinkers .


As we know, cats are very clean and very demanding with their hygiene … but also with their private bathroom. That is why it is very important to leave a few litter trays distributed in some corners of the house, so that when you return you will not find any surprise where you should not.

Likewise, I also advise you to use a sand that absorbs the smell, such as silica beads or one that is made with sawdust.


Protect your cat

A bored cat can cause some damage or other. Thus, you must prevent the animal from biting cables or injuring itself . Ideally, you should close the door of those rooms where you have the television or computer, and also the kitchen.



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