How to know if my cat is cold

As temperatures drop, our friends can feel the first chills. In addition, we will see how he becomes somewhat more active during the day, but at night he will do whatever it takes to get the best place: the bed and, if possible, under a sheet or blanket .

They love to go anywhere, and if the good weather leaves … they will try to protect themselves, whatever. So, to help you pass these months better, we tell you how to know if my cat is cold .

Although sometimes it is obvious, since it is the animal itself that gets under the covers or goes to sleep near a heat source, other times it can be a bit more complicated. And that will be when we have to worry , because it could be that the animal has been another victim of the flu virus, or that it has a simple cold. In any case, if you see that he is low in spirits, listless and / or has lost his appetite, take him to the vet to have him checked.

To prevent our cat from getting sick, it is important to have the windows closed tightly so that there are no drafts. You also have to put blankets in places where he spends a lot of time, or let him sleep with us .

Cats that do not have hair, such as Sphynx, are much more sensitive to low temperatures, so it will not hurt to dress them in warm clothes for felines. This way, they will feel much better and you make sure that they will not get cold.

Finally, if your little feline goes outside, you will surely notice that the amount of food he eats daily has increased a little. This is completely normal, as you need to eat more to regain the calories you lose by keeping your body at a suitable temperature .

These animals can become very cold, so much so that they will become even more cuddly .



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