How to know if my cat is blind

Our furry ones, with age, lose their faculties just like all other living things, including us. They may lose teeth , stop grooming as often as before , or even become disoriented .

Today we are going to discuss an issue that concerns all of us who are lovers of these animals, and that is how to know if my cat is blind . There are different ways to find out, and you will discover all of them below.

Blindness is a problem that, especially at the beginning, makes life very difficult for the cat. There are races that are more likely to end up blind like the Angora, but as we said, they can also be a consequence of age. The most notable behavioral changes you will see in your cat are as follows:

  • Disorientation– You don’t know where things are as easily as before.
  • Falls or trips: when not being able to see, falls or trips are very common, especially during the first months, when not being able to calculate distances correctly.
  • Start using your smell and hearing more: when you can’t see, you can only be guided by what your nose and / or ears tell you. These two senses are likely to end up developing more so that the animal can continue its day to day.


Dealing with a blind cat is not difficult. In reality, the only thing that changes is that we must be more careful with him and speak to him in a low, soft tone, so as not to startle him. If you live in a house with stairs, the ideal is to put a barrier for children to prevent them from accessing them.

As important as the other advice is to go to the vet to find out what type of blindness he has, and to put the most appropriate treatment according to his case.

And don’t forget to keep loving him , because now more than ever he needs to feel loved 😉.



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