How to know if my cat has parasites

If you suspect that something is wrong with your furry friend, the problem is likely in his digestive system. Its symptoms are varied, and may even delay their growth .

The microorganisms will make him feel really bad, so we are going to talk about how to know if my cat has parasites .

What types of internal parasites affect cats?

There are several that can seriously put your furry’s life at risk, and they are:

  • Hookworms: These sucking parasites live in the small intestine of the animal. The larvae can also live on the pads of the feet.
  • Dipylidium: known as worms or tapeworms, they are the most common parasites. They live in the intestinal tract, but do not normally cause discomfort.
  • Roundworms: with these parasites you have to be especially alert, since they can be spread to humans. They damage the digestive tract of the animal, and in very serious cases it causes breathing problems.
  • Coccidiasis: this parasitic protozoan, while living and in your digestive system, causes stomach pain.
  • Giardasis: unlike the previous one, it does not usually present complications. They appear especially in sick or weak kittens.

Most frequent symptoms

In addition to those mentioned, a parasite infection can cause diarrhea , vomiting , fever , skin lesions , irritation in the anus and even growth retardation . Thus, it is extremely important to deworm him, otherwise his life could be in danger .

The kittens and / or cats that we collect from the streets, in most cases, are infected by parasites, so the first thing to do is take them to the vet to examine them and give them an antiparasitic pill . If there is no way to give it to your cat, you should know that there are also pipettes that eliminate internal parasites.


Don’t forget to deworm your cat once every three months – or every month, depending on the dewormer – to protect its health .



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