How to know if my cat has cataracts

Cataracts are one of the most common eye problems in cats, and one of the most annoying, since it prevents them from seeing normally. If we live with one, it is very important that we review them from time to time.

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What are cataracts?

Cataracts are opacities of the lens of the eye , which is located behind the iris and the pupil. It is one of the main causes of vision loss and blindness in both domestic animals and humans. In the specific case of cats, the diagnosis can be delayed as they can take time to show symptoms, especially when they only have one affected eye.

What are the symptoms?

Cats are experts at hiding pain. And this is something they do instinctively: in nature, animals that are weak have little chance of survival. Even though they now live in a safe house with a loving family, it takes a while for them to reflect pain and / or discomfort. Therefore, we have to be very aware and start to worry if we see any of these symptoms :

  • They walk unsafe
  • They take abnormally high steps
  • They stumble
  • His eyes change color
  • The size or shape of the pupil changes
  • The eyes are very wet
  • Do not recognize, or have trouble doing so, familiar people

How is the treatment?

If our cats have cataracts or we think they may have, we must take them to the vet as soon as possible. Once there, the professional can make an early diagnosis, thus avoiding the worsening of the problem.

The treatment may consist , depending on the severity of the case, in adding a few drops of an anti-inflammatory eye drops , or in the surgical resection of the affected lens which will be replaced by an artificial lens.

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