How to know if my cat has a stomach ache

Stomach pain is very annoying for anyone who feels it, be it human or furry four-legged. It prevents us from continuing with our routine, sometimes forcing us to lie on the sofa or in a corner.

Therefore, it is important that we ask ourselves how to know if my cat has a stomach ache , since this animal is also an expert in pretending that everything is fine when it really does not feel that way.

How do you know if you have a stomach ache?

A cat that has a stomach ache will be an animal that, at first and / or if it is a mild pain, will try to continue with its daily routine. This means that it can be difficult for us to know if something is wrong or not, but there are things we will have to look at:




  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of interest in gambling
  • Increased rest time
  • Complains, growls, bites and / or scratches if we touch his belly
  • Fever

What can cause stomach pain?

There are several causes: peritonitis, intestinal obstruction, hairballs, abdominal trauma with internal bleeding, rupture of the bladder, having eaten too much and / or too fast, poisoning .

Therefore, if after vomiting he does not recover, take him to the vet as soon as possible as he will need the help of a professional to improve. If we don’t, it is to be expected that his situation will get worse or that his life will even be in danger.




Which is the treatment?

Treatment will depend on the cause. For example:

  • Parasites : You will be given an oral dewormer to kill them.
  • Hairballs : giving cat malt can help, but in severe cases, surgery will be done.
  • Intestinal obstruction : you can resort to surgery.
  • Poison : It will depend on the type of poison and how long it has been since you ingested it. You have more information.
  • Trauma with internal bleeding : he will choose to intervene.


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