How to know if my cat has a sore throat

Those of us who live with one or more cats know that they are masters when it comes to hiding pain ; Not surprisingly, if they were in their natural habitat they would have no choice but to do so if they wanted to have a chance to survive. Of course, now they have no need to pretend that everything is fine when in reality it is not, but instinct … is instinct and against that we can do nothing.

If we want to detect a problem as soon as possible it is very important that we be attentive to any changes that occur in the routine of our furry dog. Here we explain how to know if my cat has a sore throat , one of the symptoms that can go unnoticed the most.

What Causes Sore Throat in Cat?

A sore throat is a symptom that appears from practically the same causes as in humans. In this sense, it can be easy for us to intuit or suspect that you have or may feel pain or discomfort in your throat. But of course, to know for sure it will be necessary to know these possible causes. They are as follows:

  • Allergies: either to dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, or other factors.
    • Symptoms: the most frequent are nasal and ocular discharge, sneezing and cough, which can cause a sore throat.
    • Treatment: once the cause is discovered, it will be removed from the animal’s environment. If necessary, the vet will start treating him with antihistamines.
  • Asthma: it is a respiratory disease characterized by the respiratory difficulty that the animal has when exposed to an allergen.
    • Symptoms: the main ones are forced work of breathing (it is difficult to breathe), persistent cough, and wheezing when exhaling air.
    • Treatment: it is treated with anti-asthmatic drugs and bronchodilators so that the furry can breathe normally.
  • Swollen tonsils and glands: This may be due to infection, autoinmune disease, or lymphomas.
    • Symptoms: we will notice that you have a lump on your neck.
    • Treatment: it will depend on the cause. You may be given antibiotics if it is due to an infection, but you may need surgery to remove the swollen node if it is lymphoma.
  • Stuck foreign body: If you’ve swallowed something you shouldn’t have and it got stuck, you will immediately notice a pain in your throat.
    • Symptoms: cough, gagging, shortness of breath.
    • Treatment: we have to act as quickly as possible and try to remove the object. In this article we explain what to do if the cat chokes.
  • Pneumonia or pneumonia: these are two respiratory diseases caused by a bacterial or viral infection.
    • Symptoms: fever, listlessness, lethargy, and difficulty in breathing and swallowing.
    • Treatment: This will consist of giving him antibiotics and giving him canned food to make it easier for him to eat.

How to know if my cat has a sore throat?

As we have seen, there are several diseases that have a sore throat as a symptom, but how do you know if it hurts a cat? The other symptoms you may have are the following: hoarse voice, loss of appetite, little meowing, salivation or drooling, nausea, diarrhea, dehydration and decreased water intake .

Therefore, if we suspect he has pain, we have to take him to the vet as soon as possible to examine him and find out why he is feeling this discomfort and to start treating it.

What home remedies can I give you?

After taking him to the vet, at home we can do several things to help our friend, such as:

  • Give him canned or soft food: it will be easier for him to swallow. We will cut it into very small pieces and serve it to you. In the event that it is winter or that it is cold, it will also be highly advisable to add warm homemade chicken broth.
  • Wash eyes and nose: with a sterile gauze for each eye and another for the nose moistened in warm water, we will remove the ocular and nasal secretions.
  • Protect you from drafts: to prevent it from getting worse, it is the most important thing. Of course, you should not overprotect it: an excess of heat could give you a fever.
  • Honey: every day. If we give him love and keep him company, he will surely recover sooner than we imagine.




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