How to help your Lactating Cat? II

As we saw earlier, the breastfeeding process is very important for the development of newborns. Their development, health and vitality will depend on a good diet, so we must remain vigilant in the event of any inconvenience that may arise during this process.

There are 3 problems that affect the lactation of these pets:

  • Lack of milk: Also known as agalactia, which occurs when the mother’s mammary glands do not produce milk. We must remain vigilant because if newborns are not fed they could die of hunger. Faced with this first problem in breastfeeding, bottle-feeding is important, we must be the one to feed the young with the help of a bottle until the problem is solved or until the animals can be fed solid food.
  • Lactation depression: also known as dysgalactia, it is the most common problem during lactation. Although the mammary glands make milk, they do not make enough to meet the needs of your children. If you begin to notice that some cats are plump than others, it may be a sign that they are getting more milk, leaving others without food. It is important to monitor kittens’ weight gains and behavior to help everyone get the same amount of food.
  • Deficient milk: This problem in lactation occurs when the milk secreted by the mother’s mammary gland is sufficient but lacks the necessary nutrients for her children to develop properly.


If you begin to notice any of the problems mentioned above, it is important that you visit your veterinarian so that he or she remains aware of the situation and determines the treatment or process that should be followed.

In the same way, there are natural ingredients and homeopathic remedies that can help restore balance in breastfeeding and stimulate milk production.

For example, goat’s rue is a recommended herb that helps promote milk production, while also increasing the steady flow of milk.



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