How to help my cat give birth

When your cat is pregnant, she needs special care and attention so that she can be calm and so that you can act in the event that something goes wrong. Once the pregnancy is coming to an end, it is time to prepare for the big day . A day that you will surely not forget.

So that everything continues to go as well as before, we are going to tell you how to help my cat give birth .

The first thing we have to know is when the cat is getting ready to give birth. This will not be difficult for us because we will notice a change in her behavior: she will be more elusive, more restless; In addition, they will start looking for a corner where they will have their young.

To help her, we will provide her with a comfortable box or bed, with a blanket so that the kittens do not get cold. And since it sometimes happens that the animal will decide to give birth on the ground, it is also highly recommended to place clean towels or blankets around the bed .

As the kittens come out, you will see that each one is wrapped in a bag. Well, normally the cat will clean the bag and cut the umbilical cord, but if she is a newcomer or if she is very nervous she may not do it, so you will have to intervene. So, very calmly, take the baby, remove the bag (important to start with the mouth and nose) and then rub it to help it breathe . If you have not cut the cord, you will also have to do the following:

  1. Take some thread and clean it with pharmacy alcohol.
  2. Tie it about 2cm away from the kitten’s body.
  3. Then, at another 2m distance, cut it with scissors previously disinfected with alcohol.


The kittens have each had a placenta that the cat must expel. If it does not, or if the animal cannot give birth, it is very important that you take it to the vet as it could have problems.

If everything has gone well, the kittens will begin to suckle as soon as they arrive in the world. If you see that someone is lagging behind, help them to do it.

And by the way, congratulations! 🙂



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