How to give the cat liquid medicine

Although it may seem easy, on certain occasions and for different reasons giving your pet liquid medications can be complicated.

In the event that cats have dietary restrictions, the medication can be administered together with food in small doses, the easiest way is to mix the remedy with a wet food.

If you want to administer it directly into the mouth, you must first shake the medicine and then place it in a container to aspirate it with a syringe (without a needle, obviously). Before giving it, we advise you to wrap your cat in a towel leaving only the head outside, if it gets nervous the procedure can be complicated.

Think that there are many cats that can resist and can bite you , so hold it firmly without hurting it.

Take the syringe with your right hand while holding it with the other and grabbing the head, with your index finger and thumb, open your mouth a little and place the tip of the syringe at the back angle, inject the medicine little by little. If you give it small amounts you will see how the medicine is slowly swallowing, preventing it from spitting it out.

Hold her mouth closed by gently rubbing her throat to make swallowing easier.



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