How to give a cat medicine

When our furry friend is unwell and the vet tells us that we have to give him medicine, we immediately think that it is going to be a very complicated task. And I’m not going to fool you: it is. These animals have very developed senses, so it is very easy for them to detect the pill … even if we mix it well with their favorite food.

But sometimes you will have to accept it in order to heal as quickly as possible, so I am going to explain how to give a cat medicine.

Peace of mind is the key

If you are tense or nervous, breathe in , hold for 10 seconds and release slowly . Do it as many times as necessary until you have achieved a more relaxed, calm state. Rushing doesn’t help anyone 🙂 and when it comes to giving a cat medicine much less.

Once you are calm, prepare his medicine and, before giving it, caress him, give him pampering so that he also feels good . Then, depending on what type of medicine it is, it will be necessary to proceed in one way or another.

How to give the medicine?

There are 3 types of medications: pills , syrups , drops and those administered by injections .

  • Pills: when you have to give one to the cat, it is highly advisable to wrap it with a towel, open its mouth, insert the pill and close it. Keep it closed until swallowed. If you expel it, mix it with your favorite food. You can also try chopping it up and adding it to the chicken broth.
  • Syrups: to give your cat a syrup you will need a syringe (obviously, without a needle). Take his head, open his mouth and insert it from one side, where his teeth end, and empty it.
  • Drops
    -Eyes:if you have to put drops in his eyes, ask someone to hold the animal sitting on his legs, while you carefully open the eye to pour the drops later.
    -Ears: when the ears need treatment, we will put the animal down and pour the drops into the ear.
  • Injections: if your furry needs daily attention, there are veterinarians who let the caregiver be in charge of giving their cat the injections. He will tell you which part of the body to put it on, and how. It is much easier than it seems, but you have to be very calm.


Giving a medicine to a cat is not always easy, but surely with these tips you can give it without major problems.



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