How to get two cats to get along

Welcoming a second cat into your home provides your veteran pet with company and an ally for its antics. However, there are situations in which harmony does not prevail in the coexistence of your kittens. If you want to know how to get two cats to get along, you are in the right place.

In the next few lines we are going to reveal to you in what terms feline social relations materialize, the meaning of fights and how you must act so that everything flows and they do not need to fight for control of what surrounds them. We started!

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Are they solitary or gregarious animals?

Taking into account the hunting patterns of felines, we can affirm that they are solitary animals that display social behaviors in times of heat to mate. However, recent research on feline behavior has found that domestic cats come to create hierarchical links between them.

Decades ago it was believed that lions were the only social felines, then the circle was expanded to cheetahs and bobcasts and now we can include the cats we live with in this category . An aspect that you should take into account to ensure that your pets are accepted and loved.

If a kitten has not been properly socialized between weeks 2 and 7, it is very likely that in adulthood it will be aggressive, elusive or that it will become ill due to the accumulation of stress that causes its security and control of its territory to be threatened .

Why do they fight?

It deserves your attention that sporadic fights between cats are natural. That a kitten is submissive on certain occasions or that between them they have assumed priority access to certain areas of the house is something that should not worry you. It belongs to the social hierarchy to which we alluded previously .

However, it can happen that the fights are constant to the point that one of them, the one who is in inferiority, stops eating or comes to relieve themselves outside the litter box. Therefore, if you notice that fights are becoming a habit, you should separate them and consult with an ethologist to reverse it.

The lack of affinity can be due to factors as disparate as having a kitten live with a puppy in its final stage, the veteran’s illness or the lack of socialization of one of them, for example, if it has not lived with other cats since that he was separated from his mother and siblings.


What should I do to get my cats to get along?


That your best friends play and enjoy each other’s company is possible. To achieve this, you must support a maxim: do not make differences between them or force them to compete for the satisfaction of a need (food, a toy, your love or the sandbox). Before the arrival of the new member, do not relegate your original pussy to the background.

Recommendations for a happy cat coexistence

  • Prepare your home so that both cats have everything they need. You will have to provide them with their bed, their feeder, their drinker, their sandbox, their scraper and their toys. Each one will have their belongings, for exclusive use.
  • Make an effort to present them correctly . You should facilitate that this introduction protocol occurs gradually and under equal conditions. For this reason, experts recommend using the carrier so that the new member does not suffer attacks upon arrival. Let them smell each other so that they become familiar.
  • Impregnate blankets or towels with familiarization pheromones to reduce tension during the self-awareness stage. Keep them in separate rooms and allow them to smell each other several times a day.
  • Opt for sterilization as it helps reduce stress and disputes. Also, if your kitties have access to the outside, you will prevent unwanted litters.
  • Be patient , give them the time they need to adapt to the new situation and never interfere with their hierarchical structure, unless one of them suffers injuries. In that case, you will need to act quickly to tackle the aggression at its roots. Use water or a loud, dry sound to break its harmful dynamics.
  • Never punish the aggressive cat, the only thing you would do is encourage its aggressiveness.
  • Clip both of your nails to minimize damage in the event of a fight.
  • Experts in feline behavior recommend opting for cats of the opposite sex or of close age. In this way, empathy is easier to achieve. Having two adult males is postulated as the least desirable combination, unless they are spayed. Thus, your gonadal glands will be neutralized.
  • Do not stop providing them , equally, their share of pampering, do not let any of them feel displaced. Use positive reinforcement when both of you are with you at the same time. Thus, they will associate that behavior as something desirable and will repeat it.

In short, that your cats get along is at your fingertips if you are aware of the value of satisfying the 5 freedoms of animal welfare on equal terms, without the need to compete. Ready to put it into practice?

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