How to feed an abandoned kitten

After the heat season of the cats, the pregnancies come, then the births… and, after a month and a half or two months, you wean them. Every year more and more puppies are forced to survive on the street. If you’ve come this far wondering how to feed an abandoned kitten , you’ve come to the right place. Let me congratulate you first, because thanks to you this poor creature will have a chance, perhaps with a new family … or with you.

Now, let’s see how to calm the furry’s stomach.

As you surely know, and if you don’t, don’t worry, kittens open their eyes a week after they are born. If yours has his eyes closed, you don’t have to give him solid food, I don’t even think wet. The ideal food for him will be the specific powdered milk for kittens , which you will find in veterinary clinics and also in pet stores. An alternative would be powdered milk for human babies up to 3 months old, or even lactose-free milk mixed with an egg yolk.

Add 1-2 two small tablespoons of powdered milk to the bottle, previously filled with -drink- water, and warm it a little. It does not have to be boiling, but warm. To give it to him, you may have to help yourself with a syringe, which you will introduce into the mouth of the kitten that you will have put face down , because if it were face up it could choke. Press slowly, letting the animal suck alone. In general, you will have to feed him every 3 hours, but if he is hungry … he will let you know 😉.


If his eyes are open, also give him a bottle until the vet confirms that he is at least 30 days old. From then on, you can gradually introduce solid but soft foods, such as cans prepared for kittens .

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