How to feed a pregnant cat?

Gestation is the period during which the cat needs energy for her own needs and for the survival of her kittens. The ideal is to provide him with adequate nutrition and to closely monitor his weight gain. So what are the foods to give to her pregnant cat and why watch her weight?

What foods to give to a pregnant cat and how to feed her?

As the cat’s pregnancy progresses, she needs some nutrition. From the start, the cat’s nutritional needs increase, causing an early change in her diet. So, how to best feed her cat during the gestation period? Rest assured, it is not complicated, nevertheless, it requires daily monitoring.

From its mating until the end of its gestation, the pregnant cat gradually increases its nutritional consumption. When she goes through such a period, she can eat twice as much as the usual amount of food. However, there is an easier way to feed her.

During the first three weeks of gestation, you can continue to feed her by following her normal diet. But, from the fourth week, the best food for a pregnant cat is kitten food. It is from this moment that the kittens begin their development and this, in a fairly rapid manner. Food for kittens that are high in calories and easy to digest will, therefore, be of great help to them.

Know that this transition in the food of your pregnant cat cannot happen overnight. A sudden change in diet can cause an upset stomach and sometimes be fatal. Try to ensure this transition very carefully. The pregnant cat is a complicated period for her as for you.

To achieve this, it is advisable to give the cat several meals throughout the day, but in small amounts.. This will allow him to further optimize his energy and this, on a constant basis. You can start the transition by giving her on day one 10% kitten food and 90% of her usual diet. Continue the transition by gradually increasing kitten food by 10% while decreasing adult kitten food, again by 10%. Likewise, you can regularly feed your cat dry foods that are high in energy and protein. Do not hesitate to provide them with a large quantity of fresh and drinkable water for their well-being. On the recommendation of your veterinarian, you can also provide him with calcium supplements and vitamins.

At the slightest concern, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian. He will know how to examine your pussy. If you want to know the best food and the ideal amount to give your cat, you can discuss it with her. In addition, the weight of your four-legged friend should also be watched very closely.

Monitor weight gain

During the gestation period and also during the cat’s heat period, it is very important to weigh your cat regularly. You must at all costs avoid having an obese cat at the end of her gestation. Likewise, the cat should not lose too much weight or become too thin, which can possibly weaken her when nursing her kittens. The weight gain in the cat is usually not visible until the end of the 4th week. It still acts on her figure.

At the end of the gestation period, your cat should not gain more than 40% of her ideal weight. This means that if you have a 5 kg cat initially, her weight should not exceed 7 kg after the gestation period. Obesity can be the source of many complications during childbirth, otherwise, it will be difficult to bring newborns out. It can also cause problems for the future health of the cat and disrupt milk production.

To prevent excessive weight gain in your pregnant cat, you must watch the amount of food to be fed to the latter. Don’t hesitate to feed her kibble and make sure she never runs out. Likewise, you must ensure that the cat is in control when she is no longer hungry. This will allow him not to eat anything, nor by gluttony and especially to take enough fat. Of course, fat promotes weight gain, but it is important for the production of milk necessary for nursing future kittens.

In all cases, it is important to choose the food for the pregnant cat and to manage her meals well in order to protect her and her future kittens.




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